Saturday, July 22, 2017

Cover Reveal for Sinful Pleasures: An Anthology of Erotic Tales by Sinful Press

Readers looking to add more heat to an already scorching summer will find themselves drawn to this collection of erotically-charged tales from 11 of today's most eclectic and diverse authors.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of the upcoming collection, Sinful Pleasures: An Anthology of Erotic Tales by Sinful Press, then get ready to add it to your bookshelf when it releases on August 20th!

Sinful Press welcomes you to lose yourself in Sinful Pleasures.
Join us as we weave our way from mainstream erotic romance to surreal sex-filled dreamscapes and everything in between, created by some of the best new and established voices in the erotica genre. Authors in the collection:  Janine Ashbless  |  Ella Scandal  |  Sonni de Soto  |  Jo Henny Wolf  |  Lily Harlem  |  Lady Divine  |  Gail Williams  |  Samantha MacLeod  |  Tony Fyler  |  Ellie Barker  |  Lisa McCarthy


From The Pier By Night by Janine Ashbless...
“What do you want to do now?” James asked, as they came level with another set of concrete stairs leading back up to the promenade. The question was lightly posed, but it seemed to carry an unconscionable weight. Maz looked sideways at him, rearranging the tickling strands of her hair back from her face one more time. Her body knew exactly what it wanted to do. Her body seemed to belong to some other personsomeone with no memory, no ties, no guilt. Somebody who had lived all her life here, in the sun, on the beach, far away from any home or husband.
How easy it would be to do something irrevocable. Something that would tear down their carefully ordered world.
“Do you think they’ve got an aquarium?” she heard herself ask. “I like them."
“It’s a seaside town. Of course they’ve got an aquarium."
They did.
Indoors, it was surprisingly quiet and empty. The sun must be keeping everyone else outside. After the blaring pop music of the pier and the excited children on the beach, the dimly-lit faux-rock tunnels, with their windows onto pellucid underwater landscapes, seemed like another planet.
Maz and James took their time. She hadn’t been kidding about how much she enjoyed displays like these. The glowing pools drew her, and the fact that James was beside her only heightened the sense of dreamlike intensity. He would touch her occasionallya hand on the small of her back, a finger brushing her wrist, the gentlest of clasps upon her upper arm as he pointed out a delicate seahorse among the reed grass. There was a quiet intimacy to it that made her shiver and blush and lose focus.
She could feel her whole body thrumming, as if she were lambent with arousal.



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