Thursday, July 1, 2021

Book Cover Reveal for Campus Heartthrob by Jennifer Sucevic....

 A young woman detests the popular and sexy football god at her college but soon finds her feelings in chaos when she's forced into close quarters with the arrogant young man.  Keep reading to get a tempting glimpse of Campus Heartthrob by Jennifer Sucevic, then count down the days until this standalone story hits bookshelves on August 5th!

Brayden Kendricks might be God’s gift to the female species at Western University, but I want nothing to do with the dark-haired football player. The guy is an attention seeking you-know-what who soaks up fan adoration like it’s his due in life for being hot and talented.
Damn. Did I just say that?
All right, fine...I’ll grudgingly admit that Brayden is decent looking. I suppose if you’re into guys who resemble Greek gods with abs of steel and chiseled pecs, then sure, one could consider him attractive.
Am I guilty of having a tiny, practically non-existent crush on him freshman year?
I’d prefer not to answer that question.
Thankfully, I quickly came to my senses and have made a concerted effort to steer clear of Brayden ever since. It hasn’t been easy, considering that my bestie is now dating his roommate and we’ve been thrown together for an accounting project. You’d think after years of baring my teeth at him like a rabid dog, the guy would have gotten the memo that I’m not interested. Apparently not, since he’s spreading word around campus that we’re going out.
I mean, can you even imagine?
Dating Brayden Kendricks?
I have four words for him...




Jennifer is a USA Today bestselling author who has published seventeen New Adult and Mature Young Adult novels. Her novels have been translated into both German and Dutch. Audiobooks are also in the works. She has a bachelor’s degree in History and a master’s degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She spent five years working as a high school counselor before relocating with her family. Jennifer lives in the Midwest with her husband and four children.

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