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Book Tour for Bad Boy by Megan Lowe (REVIEW)......

 Readers will be left gutted after turning the final page of the first book in the Good Boy/Bad Boy duet, very ready for this concluding tale that picks up soon after events in the first installment.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Bad Boy by Megan Lowe, get my impressions of this contemporary m/m romance, then add this heart-wrenching conclusion of the duet to your bookshelf!

Cavanugh McLaughlin is a bad boy. He’s tried to be the good boy, the good son, but it’s not him. Then Connor Siddell came into his world and changed everything.
For a chance to be with Connor, Cav is willing to change.
But in the wake of a life-threatening accident, Cav is forced to face his truths.
Is the accident enough to turn this bad boy good? Or is it too late, for both of them?
*Bad Boy is book two of the Good Boy/Bad Boy duet and must be read in order. Bad Boy contains a depiction of suicide.

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While picking up right where the previous book in this duet left off, things turn even more emotional here as readers get deeper insight into the characters.  In the previous book Cavanugh seemed like a stereotype but in this book we get to see a more fleshed-out character.  The reasons why Cavanugh does what he does, acts the way he does, are clearer here and I found myself liking him more and finding him to be a stronger person this time around.  That's not to say that he won't do what needs to be done to skew things his way, but the reasoning behind it doesn't bother me as much throughout this story as it did before.  Other characters too showed themselves to be stronger as this story progressed.  One of them, Connor, has finally come to the truth regarding Thomas and I was proud of him for making things right.  The maturity of these two showed through in a romance that felt more realistic, more rich, as seen through interactions that were more loving, caring, and supportive.  They were a formidable pairing, one that I was rooting for every step of the way.  Their togetherness made my heart sing....when it wasn't pulling at my heartstrings that a fun and flirty romance full of heart and soul.

Along with this captivating main couple were the equally appealing secondary characters of Chloe and Jase, friends and family members who are the glue holding these two young men together (both as a couple and separately).  Both of these characters are kind and loving with Chloe being there for Cavanugh from the very beginning to Jase who was unwaveringly supportive of his brother Connor from the start and was a young man wise beyond his years.  On a whole this was a story full of angst, a story of accepting the person you are inside, while accepting love from whoever wraps you in its warm embrace.  After each turn of the page, and a story that pushed all my emotional buttons, readers are rewarded with a flawless epilogue that tied up all that came before beautifully.  When it comes to an unforgettable m/m romance, Ms. Lowe has placed herself on a pedestal with this captivating tale that fans of this genre will be recommending for years to come.

My rating for this is an A+

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.



As a lost Journalism graduate, I struggled to find a job in that field. When I started hearing characters talk to me, I decided to write them down. Those stories quickly became my life. I aim to write books with a spin on the traditional, or the usual.
Whether it's a spin on a well-loved trope, or a sport you may not be familiar with, I want to write it!
I write mainly mature YA (high school with all the good stuff!), New Adult, Contemporary, and MM romances, because we all need a bit of love!
I'm a total sports fan, avid reader, and excited traveller. Based in Australia, my heart belongs to New York.
You can find me either curled up, reading a book, yelling at the TV to get my boys home, or somewhere where no one knows my name!


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