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Book Release Blitz for The Love You Hate by Rachel Robinson (REVIEW)........

 A rich young woman forced into protective custody because of her grifting father finds things becoming combustible when she and her new bodyguard see their connection turning romantic.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of The Love You Hate by Rachel Robinson, along with getting my impressions of this suspenseful tale of starting over, then add it to your bookshelf!

Nate Sullivan
Keep this chick alive.
Don’t let her know I’m her bodyguard.
What should be an easy task, something I’m trained for, and well-practiced in, is a living nightmare. Presley is moody, thinks she’s funny when she’s not, impossible to track down, and highly unpredictable. As her Charge Man, I’m responsible for keeping her heart beating.
The thing is, the closer I get to her, the more my own heart starts beating...for her.
Charge Men don’t ever fall in love. Especially with their infuriating principals. It’s forbidden.
Presley Cohen
I went into a protection program after my father tanked the world’s economy. He is quite literally the most hated man in the world. Because of that, I’m a target. Gold Hawke, Colorado isn’t a place anyone dreams of visiting, let alone, living. It’s a far cry from the glamorous, billionaire lifestyle I’m accustomed to, but at least I’m breathing. I created a Re-Do Bucket List. It’s filled with things I would never be able to do in my former life in the spotlight. My new frenemy Nate Sullivan is infuriated by my list, but who doesn’t want to join a roller derby team? Or strip at a strip club? Or ride a bull?
Or make that exasperatingly attractive good guy fall in love with you?
I have nothing left to lose.



As a reader who's always on the lookout for new authors I was drawn to the premise of this book and its tale of a forbidden romance set in a small town.  Add in a bit of suspense and you have what promised to be an enticing romance from a new-to-me author....and for a fair portion of the book it is a good read, especially after a slow and bumpy start.

Presley Cohen's one of the most hated women in America thanks to her thieving father's antics.  Because of the danger he's brought to her she's now in protective custody being watched over by a man who starts off hating her before becoming attracted to her. Starting her life over means REALLY starting over by doing all the things she's thought about doing but never got around to before with the creation of a list that brings her and her bodyguard closer together as the story progresses.  At the start of the story Presley's a bit hard to warm up to as she's a bit awkward in her interactions.  She's used to her money winning people over and now she has only herself to rely on.  I did applaud her quickly making the best of things though and jumping in wholeheartedly to work through her list, a journey that helps readers get to know her better.

Nate Sullivan is a sexy but rigid man, a bodyguard who has some issues with his new charge.  He finds her annoying, a bit ditzy, and doesn't understand her attempts at humor.  Despite his issues with her, he does find her attractive against his better judgment.  What starts out as a connection full of sexual tension also sees moments of disrespect on his part which made it hard to like him early on.  The more time they spend together though the more rewarding their connection becomes, where their differences are what cements their pairing by the latter half of the story.

Much of this story is familiar, but that doesn't make for a bad story as familiarity brings comfort.  The action in and out of the bedroom gets off to a slow start as well with me almost screaming while waiting to see some real steam between Nate and Presley. Despite the slow storyline, and lack of heat throughout a chunk of the book, this was still well-worth a few hours of reading time and has me looking forward to what comes next from Ms. Robinson.

My rating for this is a B-/C+

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Rachel grew up in a small, quiet town full of loud talkers. Her words were always only loud on paper. She has been writing stories and creating characters for as long as she can remember. CRAZY GOOD and SET IN STONE, and TIME AND SPACE, three of her Navy SEAL novels are INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLERS. After living in San Diego, Virginia Beach, and then Fairfax, VA, she now resides in colorful Colorado with her badass husband, two children, her Sphynx cat, & her dog, Polly.

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