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Book Release Blast for Personal Foul by Maggie Rawdon (REVIEW)……

 Readers who love sizzling banter and a fiery couple will be drawn to this tale that kept me glued to the pages.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Personal Foul by Maggie Rawdon, along with my impressions of this book, then add it to your bookshelf!

“I’m her dirty little secret, the one she loves to hate.”
She knows just what to say to cut deep, and I know how to press every single button she has.
We hate each other, until one night—after I lose the biggest football game of the year.
When she offers the kind of mercy I need.
It changes everything...until the next morning.
Now I’m her dirty little secret, and she’s avoiding me like the plague.
Which makes it difficult when we get partnered on a project and we’re stuck on a couple’s trip with our friends.
The tension between us is sky high.
So I propose a way to lower it: enemies with benefits.
One hotel room. A few days. A chance to let our little “hateship” run its course.
Except when it’s unexpectedly cut short, I’m not ready to give her up.
And I think I might be a bad habit she can’t quit, despite how smart she is.
But we have bigger problems, and both of our post-college careers are on the line.
I’m about to find out if I can win this game or fumble the two most important plays of my life.

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They say that there's a fine line between love and hate and this third installment in Ms. Rawdon's New Adult sports series definitely proves that as two apparent opposites find a surprising connection once they work through the antagonistic feelings that have clung to them for years.  At first they keep the connection a secret, but before long he decides he wants more in a delightful romance teeming with sexual tension and sizzling banter!

Easton Westfield is the Big Man on Campus, admired by the boys and wanted by the girls.  He's the rich boy who seems to have it all, living a life of ease.  Throughout the previous books in this series Easton's enjoyed his playboy persona, but fears over his future and a game loss have left him bruised.  Into this moment of self-doubts comes the hard-working Wren...and an unexpected one night stand full of dirty talk and intimate moments that will make you blush.

These two might want to ignore what happened that night but fate continually puts them together in close quarters...first for a school project and then when sharing a room while on vacation.  Their time together soon turns up the heat and has each learning more about them than what they show the world.  While Wren wants to keep their sizzling connection secret it's clear that Easton wants to shout it from the rooftops.  With each turn of the page Easton shows himself to be more than what others think, less of a playboy and more of a swoon-worthy boyfriend.  Through subtle acts and big words and deeds Easton shows a lovable and endearing side that made him a delicious book boyfriend.

Wren was an independent young woman, strong-willed, and caring.  She's got a lot on her plate with helping run her grandfather's bar, caring for him, and going to school.  Their one night together was a moment of weakness in her mind which is why she continues to give him the cold shoulder.  When keeping their secret no longer works for him she'll have to decide if she'll continue to believe his reputation or trust in the way he's proven himself to her.  Wren frustrated me a time or two with the unpleasant way she treated Easton, because over and over his actions were those of a man in love...a man quick to come to her rescue.  Their friend group frustrated me too with their condemnation of his past, pushing Wren to always assume the worst.

Despite those small quibbles I still found this a delightful tale with sizzling, witty banter, actions that felt like verbal foreplay, and an erotic dance of frenemies to lovers.  Easton's a flawless hero, a young man who's more than what others see and think.  He has a tough exterior early on but soon shows a soft underbelly that charmed me and had me falling in love with him.  Wren's a tough heroine who can give as good as she gets, she can easily go toe to toe with Easton too to add even more heat to their scenes. It took her awhile to accept the truth about Easton but it gave me more time to fall in love with him as he set out to prove himself.  This is another wonderful book in Ms. Rawdon's series and I highly recommend it to others!

My rating for this is an A-

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Maggie Rawdon loves books, travel and wandering through museums. She lives in the Midwest where you can find her writing on her laptop with her two pups at her side, in between binge watching epic historical and fantasy dramas and cheering for her favorite American (and European) football teams on the weekends. She loves writing dirty athletes and smart women and has a soft spot for writing characters who banter instead of flirt.

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