Thursday, January 12, 2023

Book Teaser Reveal for Chasing Riptides by Aly Stiles………

 Readers will find themselves captivated by this friends to lovers rockstar romance, drawn to the characters whose lives were put through the wringer.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Chasing Riptides by Aly Stiles, then start counting down the days until this sixth installment in the Save Me series hits bookshelves!


Rockstar. Heartthrob. Liability.

I’m the face, the body, a trophy for the masses.

They love to admire me, and I play the part like a pro. I can be whatever I have to be to survive.

But I’m not real. None of this is. How can it be with a past like mine? They think they know me, but no one does. The best I can do is chase another woman, substance, or scandal to escape the truth for one more day.


I’ve loved Matty Silva from the moment a scared, blond kid from Brazil showed up in our second-grade class. While the world lusts for the gorgeous, troubled rockstar, it’s the sad, lonely boy trapped inside who stole my heart.

The boy I loved too much to ever tell him.

That boy is now a superstar being worshipped for something he’s not. They will never understand the pain he carries with each breath, and I saw the terrifying truth the second he returned home for the summer:

No one can spiral like Matty can, and it’s finally about to break him.


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