Thursday, January 5, 2023

Book Release Blast for Where Waves Break by Julia Wolf (REVIEW)……

 As a huge fan of rockstar romances I couldn't read this one fast enough!  A grumpy rockstar gets a second chance with a quiet young woman who's stronger than she appears in this series-ender that readers will be drawn to.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Where Waves Break by Julia Wolf, then add this fourth installment in The Seasons Change series to your bookshelf!

My new boss is:
-A former rock star, turned grumpy mechanic
-A single dad
-My teenage crush

It was supposed to be a one week job. Nannying Diego Garza’s adorable, four-year-old son should’ve been easy.
But things get complicated when Diego catches me doing something I shouldn’t. When he confronts me, I do the only thing I can think of: get down on my knees.
To my surprise, he doesn’t get angry. Instead, Diego Garza calls me a good girl.
Then my one week job turns into all summer. I’m living with Diego and his son, desperately trying to forget how right it felt to be on my knees for him and how badly I crave to hear more of his praise.
Except Diego doesn’t forget. All day I take care of his son, and every hot summer night, he takes care of me. He tells me I’m perfect. Beautiful. Sexy.
I want to belong to Diego Garza in every way. But he hasn’t asked me to stay when this job is over at the end of summer.
The question is...when I’m not his nanny anymore, will I still be his?



It's a brilliant intersection that brings together this series along with the Unrequited series of books, a beautiful melding of second chances and claiming exactly what you want, between a grumpy rockstar and a quiet, young woman whose actions speak louder than words.  From the first page to the last this book reels you in, makes you ache, before giving you the exact ending you've been hoping for through their sweet and sexy journey!

June Adler's the quiet yet caring younger sister of The Season's Change lead singer. She's been part of the rockstar world for quite awhile...and has had a crush on Diego for quite awhile too.  He unfortunately doesn't know she exists which changes irrevocably the moment she becomes nanny to his young son.  The moment he's back in front of her is the start of an erotically-charged connection, one that takes on a bdsm vibe as she proudly claims her submissive side.  There's a true connection between the two of them as he can easily read her desires and is happy to meet them in crackling and combustible scenes.  These scenes may appear merely physical early on, but their encounters show much deeper emotional depth, a joining of the hearts and souls of this captivating couple.

June's an amazing heroine, a young woman who's so much more than she appears. She's comfortable with who she is and what she wants, she goes after her desires, never settling for less and never giving in.  There's a maturity to her young age, a confidence behind her quietness that grows the more time she spends with Diego.  She has a painful past though, courtesy of a controlling father, and I cheered her on as she worked to overcome the negativity he pushed on her.  Diego Garza's an equally appealing hero with a past that broke my heart.  He's a gentle giant, a grumpy man, one who hides a big and caring heart.  He's a loving, sometimes overprotective dad to 4-year-old Milo, and I found him to be completely endearing.  He and June had a beautiful bond and were a strong support to each other in a journey that pulled at my heartstrings while making me blush and drop a tear or two along the way.

On a whole this book was pure perfection!  The romance between June and Diego crackled from the very start before catching on fire.  June's inner-strength grew through Diego's support and acceptance in a connection that ticked every box for me before putting their love to the test of time and their future.  Add in Milo and you have an even more delightful story!  A perfect end to one series and the reason to start reading the other if you haven't already!

My rating for this is an A.

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Julia Wolf writes sexy rockers and badass women. She’s a huge believer in happily ever afters, no matter how complicated the road to get there is.
Julia lives in Maryland with her husband and three crazy, beautiful children. When she’s not writing romance, she’s reading it. Some of her favorite things are, in no particular order: goats, books, coffee, and Target.

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