Thursday, January 19, 2023

Book Release Blast for Dirty Perfect Storm by Hayley Faiman (REVIEW)……..

 Fans of MC romances will rejoice as sparks will fly once a gritty biker claims a woman as his own in this steamy series starter!  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Dirty Perfect Storm by Hayley Faiman, along with getting my impressions of it, then add this first installment in the Devil's Hellions MC series to your bookshelf!

Legacy isn’t just his name–it is who he is. Born to ride with the Devil’s Hellions, he was made for this world as she was made for him–even if he does not deserve her.
They say that no storm can last forever. That after the storm, the sun will shine again. Except they don’t know anything about this storm.
Nobody could have ever predicted him.
My storm’s name is...
He is perfectly deliciously dirty. He will ruin me. In the end, I will beg him to do just that.




Into the MC world we go once again with this exhilarating romance that grabbed me from the main couple's first meeting and never let me go!  It's a romance full of twists and turns, a sweet and sizzling connection, and it pushed every one of my emotional buttons while keeping me on the edge of my seat. It sure isn't your momma's MC either in its gritty depiction of raw choices and suspenseful events, a backdrop that added extra twists to Legacy and Henli's romance

After an exhilarating meeting, a life-altering one, resulting from an accident, this couple doesn't think they'll see each other again...but Fate has other plans as Legacy's Alpha side takes over.  He knows he shouldn't have anything to do with Henli, bring her into his gritty and dangerous life, but he wants her too much to listen to the concerns in his head.  Legacy's a sexy beast, one who doesn't think he's worthy of Henli which made my heart hurt for him.  In his dealings with Henli he doesn't always make the best decisions but I was rooting for him nonetheless.  From the outside Henli appears to be the opposite of Legacy.  She's a classy lady, a sweet lady, though a bit naive about the half answers she gets from Legacy.  When you look deeper though you see a feisty woman, one who's had hard knocks in her life and survived, and one who's stronger than even she thinks she is.  That inner-strength sure came in handy when the dangers of MC life came knocking on her door in a journey that was sizzling and suspenseful...yet ultimately satisfying.

From the very first page this story captivated me!  These two apparent opposites became a formidable pairing, dealing with lots of unexpected twists and turns.  Through it all Legacy was determined to keep Henli safe, while she showed a bad-ass side to make her his perfect match.  Along with a sweet and sizzling romance, a romance where both Legacy and Henli grew as people, there were machinations occurring courtesy of the Devil's Hellions MC.  Secrets and lies, dangerous decisions made, and gritty moments of action and suspense kept me frantically turning the pages.  With its surprising and exhilarating ending, readers will be left counting down the days until the next installment in this series hits bookshelves!

My rating for this is an A.

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


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