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Book Spotlight for Unscripted by Christy Pastore (Review)

Those who like emotional reads will be drawn to this book where love becomes deeper than breathing.  Keep reading to get a glimpse of Unscripted by Christy Pastore, the first book in The Scripted series, through a mini-interview with the author and by reading my impressions of it and then add it to your bookshelf.......


-When you start a book, do you already have the whole story in your head or is it built progressively?
I usually have the whole story in my head. I definitely have a beginning, middle and end planned out—for Unscripted there were three scenes that ended up making the final cut that were not part of my original script.  And they are good ones.
-Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?
There are a few themes readers will take away from Unscripted. The main messagewill be pretty obvious, and it will come from our heroine, Holliday Prescott. I think readers will love her strength, maybe even identify with her character on certain levels.
-What is for you the perfect book hero?
I love a man in a suit or one who dresses well…he’ll have a white collar job {that whole commands both the boardroom and bedroom is sexy} or he will be famous… he’ll have a naughty yet playful side… he will be passionate about life and love, most likely he will have an accent, but not always.
-Tell us something that people would be surprised you know how to do.The first “vehicle” I learned to drive was a backhoe… haven’t operated one in years, but I’m fairly certain I could still drive one with ease.

“His gaze on me was intense, I couldn’t look away. I felt as if I was revealing my entire soul to him in this moment.”
The range of emotions I had experienced with Ronan felt like a topsy-turvy spinning roller coaster. Suddenly I was awake for the first time in what felt like years. Every fiber of my being was filled with heated desire, passion, lust and fear, and all I wanted was more… more of everything, more of him. How had I just lived these past few years only going through the motions? But, as glorious as all of this was, was I kidding myself? Could it be real? Or just a moment in time - a few days of thrilling and scary excitement rolled into one? The moment before you hit that first big drop on your favorite coaster, you fall, and then it's over.
This isn’t your typical Hollywood fairy tale where the typecast ordinary girl next door meets the famous handsome actor and they fall in love. Despite the emotional and physical scars that serve as reminders of Holliday Prescott’s past, she has evolved into a strong young woman. Ronan Connolly has loved and lost, but he’s never been in love. The weight of Hollywood’s expectations and the scripted games people play have left him bruised but not broken.
He's always followed everyone else's script and she wrote her own. That was until fate swept in with other plans.


The shiny chrome doors parted revealing a private foyer with an elegant chandelier hanging from the ceiling. When the white lacquered door to the penthouse opened I felt like all the air had been sucked out from my lungs. I thought I might have stumbled onto a movie set. Candles lit up the entire room and jazz music poured through the speakers. I noticed a large black grand piano in the corner of the room, along with a stunning floor to ceiling marble slab fireplace. The drapes were pulled back from the giant picture window in the living room, revealing the illuminated Manhattan skyline as snow poured down from the sky. Everything in the room was beige and white with accents of gold and silver. I couldn’t have dreamed of a more romantic setting.
Candles? Music? Champagne? Was Ronan Connolly trying to seduce me?
He stood near the bar and popped the cork on the champagne. The noise caught me off-guard and made me jump. Ronan was dressed in a sleek navy blue suit with a white collared shirt— the first few buttons were undone. He is too hot for his own good. He is too hot for my own good. I could be easily seduced by this sexy man in the blue suit. Careful to remain calm I did not show any starry-eyed emotion, only coolness.




There are some books that though they're predictable drag you wholeheartedly into their world.  Unscripted is just such a read as the events were ones I've encountered numerous times in my romantic reads but still found endearing and engrossing.  From its likable main couple to its steamy interludes I enjoyed this Cinderella journey to HEA between two very different people reunited through pain caused by their past relationships.

Holliday is still recovering from a horrific event in her past which would've destroyed most women.  She's no shrinking violet as each day makes her stronger.  Despite her past she's a strong-willed and kind hearted young woman who still dreams of being swept off her feet.  When she least expects it her dream comes true upon coming face to face with sexy Irish actor, Ronan Connolly.  The sparks immediately fly between these two and though she's a bit leery at first of the intensity she can't help but jump wholeheartedly into the scorching and dream-like relationship he offers her.  Holliday brings a breath of fresh air to his crazy life full of sycophants and he appreciates her honest and trustworthy nature.  Ronan is every woman's dream man as he's sexy, a doting father, and has a drool-worthy Irish accent.  He freely admits he doesn't do relationships though as he's been left bruised by his cheating ex and thus is surprised by how quickly and intensely he falls for Holliday as most women inspire untrust in him.  He senses her pain though and wants to make everything right for her which leads to some surprising twists and turns as his protective nature comes to the forefront.  He's immensely supportive of Holliday but there were a few times when he's a bit too overbearing.  His intensity is one of the things I enjoyed about him though and in his world he's used to getting what he wants so those instances are easily forgiven.  His relationship with his daughters is sweet and brings out his soft side, reiterating his protective and caring nature.  When it comes to the steamy side of Holliday and Ronan's relationship the encounters are scorching yet immensely romantic as his sexy accent says every poetic thing a girl wants to hear.  The scenes are numerous yet nicely balanced with the rest of the story allowing their relationship to progress past their insta-love.

From the crackling and scorching connection between Holliday and Ronin to the surprisingly quiet and caring interludes they also share theirs is a relationship that's the fantasy of many women.  It also shows one woman's ability to overcome tragedy to come out of it stronger which is an inspiration to many.  Along with this emotional storytelling comes a bit of mystery and suspense which provides unexpected twists to a story that already has your heart wrenching.  Though this story has a definitive ending there's still a bit of story left to tell for these two lovers.  In the next installment I hope there's a bit more interaction with Ronan's twins as well as more compelling secondary characters as that felt to be missing here.  This story is ALL about Holliday and Ronan and their all-consuming relationship and though it's engaging I look forward to seeing where it goes as the flush of new love can sometimes burn out.  This was my first book by Ms. Pastore but definitely won't be my last!

My rating for this is a B+

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Writer Christy Pastore grew up in the lakeside community of Syracuse, Indiana writing short stories that usually involved characters who loved to travel, had a passion for fashion and were often times swept up in boy crazy crushes. Many of her first stores also dealt with coming of age situations with their best girlfriends.
Christy gave up reading books for several years, disillusioned with the annoying characters and predictable plot lines. Upon the recommendation of a friend, Christy picked up a much buzzed about popular romance novel which reminded her of why reading was such an enjoyable guilty pleasure.
Writing has been a constant in Christy’s life, leading her to create a popular fashion blog, Fashion Wrap Up. This endeavor allowed Christy to have the wonderful experience of working and collaborating with many talented models, designers, makeup artists and photographers in the Fashion Industry. While Pastore still writes about fashion and celebrity style in her spare time, her passion for story development, more specifically creative writing, publishing and content creation has taken her on a new journey and career path: Author.
Her debut novel, Fifteen Weekends will be out May 2014 just in time for you to add it to your summer reading list.
Additionally, Christy enjoys a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc, a warm cup of coffee, Gummi Bears, traveling and tweeting her thoughts on her favorite TV shows.
Christy and her husband Kevin currently reside in St. Louis, Missouri in the popular Italian Neighborhood, The Hill, with their two lovable dogs and cooler than cool cat.

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