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Book Blast for Tristan’s Lover by Nicoline Tiernan (Review & GIVEAWAY)

Fans of m/m lovin' and the paranormal will gobble up this quick read with relish.  Keep reading to get a glimpse of this steamy shifter romance Tristan’s Lover by Nicoline Tiernan, along with my impressions of it, and learn even more about this read by visiting the other blog hosting this tour.  Make sure to fill out the form below for the chance to win a $10 bookstore GC too!

Tristan has all the time in the world to be in love. He’s going to live eternally—that’s what vampires do. And now that he’s found his soul mate in Eric he plans on living happily forever after. But not all stories can have a fairytale ending, especially  when Eric’s father, the lycan king, has declared war against all vampires. Will their love survive?


The man jumped at Tristan and pinned his arms and back against the rock. “They would have killed you if they’d caught you.”
“Relax, Eric. They’ll never catch me.”
Eric grabbed Tristan by the throat. “You don’t get it. This isn’t a game,” he growled.
“It is if you play it right.” Tristan smirked.
Eric kissed Tristan hard on the mouth. “What am I going to with you?”
“I can think of at least a dozen things you can do.” Tristan’s underwear suddenly felt very tight.
“Take those off,” Eric commanded pointing to Tristan’s shorts.
“I don’t feel like it.” Tristan said.
Eric’s fingers transformed into giant claws, and then he tore at the underwear with surgical precision until they were shreds upon the forest floor.
“Seriously, those were Egyptian cotton, fifty dollars a pair,” Tristan sighed.
“Bill me,” said Eric. He grabbed Tristan and kissed him.
Tristan pushed him away. “This is the most expensive date I’ve ever been on,” he said.
“Who said this was a date?” Eric seized Tristan’s hair and pulled his head back. He kissed him roughly.
Tristan pushed him away. “Easy cowboy. At least buy me dinner first.”
“Shut up,” commanded Eric. He shoved Tristan back against the rock wall and pinned him up against it.
“I thought you said this wasn’t a date,” said Tristan.
“Don’t you ever shut up?” sighed Eric.
“You know how you can shut me up,” said Tristan suggestively.
“Get on your knees,” ordered Eric.



It's said that good things come in small packages and for this steamy m/m paranormal read that's definitely the case.  From it's fast-paced start to witty banter leading to steamy interludes to unexpected twists and turns this story takes readers on a rollicking ride.  

Vampire Tristan has been carrying on a relationship with werewolf Eric for many months that crackles with sexual tension.  It's always felt carefree but with their feelings intensifying Tristan wants more.  Theirs isn't an easy relationship though with Eric's father, a lycan King, decreeing death to all vampires after his wife left him for a vampire.  As Eric has sold his soul to keep his father from acting on his decree he's scared to run away with Tristan as he longs to do.  But with their relationship discovered the war takes an unexpected turn and Eric will have to rely on others to save Tristan and their HEA.

Tristan is charming and full of snarky humor that had me laughing out loud a few times.  He came from nothing and now relishes expensive things.  He's not afraid to tell Eric how he feels or to be seen with him and it shows him to be the more outspoken of the two.  Eric comes from royalty but doesn't let it color his words and deeds.  He's quiet but honorable and can clearly keep up with Tristan's witty demeanor.

This story is full of m/m sexual encounters, almost too many that takes away from deepening the development of the protagonist's relationship.  These scenes are scorching and nicely balanced though with witty banter that's like foreplay for these two.  The story starts off with a bang but the conclusion is a bit rushed which takes away from Eric's fears and his father's perceived villainy.  The overall tone of this story is flirty and fun with a bit of suspense.  The main characters are entertaining and burn up the pages with their intense eroticism.  Those looking for a decadently delightful way to spend the afternoon will want to spend it with Tristan's Lover.

My rating for this is a B-/C+

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Nicoline has written 8 New Adult and ménage Hot Lunches for Lost Goddess Publishing, and she’s currently working on a series of MM novellas. The paranormal has always fascinated Nic and she’s looking forward to exploring fantasy worlds and the desires within.


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