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Book Tour for Moment of Impact by Karen Stivali (Review & GIVEAWAY)

As a fan of the NA genre I was drawn to this fun and flirty m/m read.  Keep reading to get a glimpse of Moment of Impact by Karen Stivali, the first book in the Moments In Time series, along with my impressions of it.  Make sure to fill out the form below for the chance to win a $20 GC and swag packs too!

Outside Collin Fitzpatrick’s dorm room is a dangerous place. Beyond his door the students of his small, conservative college think he’s straight, as does his Catholic family who'd disown him if they learned the truth. Inside, he’s safe with his incredibly sexy roommate Tanner D’Amico. Their room makes a perfect place to hide away and fall in love. The moment they cross the line from roommates to lovers, Collin becomes caught between their heavenly passionate encounters and the hellish reality that someone might find out and destroy everything. Tanner's not used to being so confined, and wants to show the world how much he loves Collin. But Collin’s not sure he’s ready for the impact stepping outside will make.



In this sweet and sensual tale of first love and coming out it's a rocky road to HFN for two young men raised very differently.  Collin and Tanner have known each other for two years and have grown closer during that time when one night changes everything and has them embarking on a relationship full of all the expected ups and downs.

Tanner grew up with parents that were very carefree and freespirited so coming out caused only a small ripple in their lives.  Tanner's been with women before, as well as two men, so he's clearly more experienced than Collin.  He takes the lead in most of their encounters and throughout most of the story is willing to keep their connection hidden until too many times of being turned away in public lead to some soul searching for Collin.  Tanner is charming with everyone, comfortable in his skin, and unashamed of sex and embracing love when he feels it.  I liked him and his fun and flirty nature, along with the subtle sensuality that permeates off him at all times.  He's supportive of Collin and does everything he can to ease Collin into accepting his true self and didn't deserve being a dirty little secret.

Collin came from a very devout Catholic family where anything having to do with sex was frowned upon.  It became something you thought about or did in secret.  This has led to a very sheltered existance for him when it comes to matters of sex.  Especially when admitting to himself and others that he's gay.  He's always had those feelings but knew his family, particularly his mother, would turn him away.  The feelings Tanner engenders in him are far too powerful to ignore though and leave him outside his comfort zone, lost in what he wants out of life.  I felt for Collin as he truly cares for Tanner but fear keeps holding him back.  It's not until the possibility of losing Tanner forces him to address who and what he wants to be that a future with Tanner becomes possible in an ending that's cheer-worthy.

This is a story that's a bit predictable when it comes to Collin's family issues.  His mother's reactions were especially obvious and a bit melodramatic.  Despite that though it's a sweet and heartwarming tale of the power of being someone's first love.  It's also about being accepted completely by someone you love.  Collin's fears were understandable and it was lucky he had the equally understanding Tanner in his life supporting his slow and tenuous journey to coming out.  Along with their slowly simmering romance are sexual encounters just hinting at heavier sessions in the future.  Theirs is a romance in its early stages as they're experiencing things together and it's sweet and sexy to see.  Along with these endearing young men is Tanner's friend Wendy who's supportive of their coupling and acts as their sounding board in getting them together.  She's perky and tells it like it is and I'd love to see more of her.  This was ultimately a delightful story with a cast of characters easy to relate to and a sensual romance that immerses you in their emotionally intense road to HFN.  Though there's a definitive end to this story there's still more to Tanner and Collin's romance and I hope Ms. Stivali continues to show their journey to HEA.

My rating for this is a B+

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Karen Stivali is a prolific writer, compulsive baker and chocoholic with a penchant for books, movies, and fictional British men. She's also the multiple award-winning author of contemporary and erotic romances. Her lifelong fascination with people has led her to careers ranging from hand-drawn animator, to party planner, to marriage and family counselor, but writing has always been her passion. Karen enjoys nothing more than following her characters on their journey toward love. Whether the couples are m/f or m/m, it’s guaranteed that Karen's novels are filled with food, friendship, love, and smoking hot sex—all the best things in life. 
When Karen isn’t writing (and often when she is), she can be found on Twitter attempting witty banter and detailing the antics of her fruit-loving cat, BadKitteh. She loves to hear from readers (and other writers), so don't hesitate to contact/follow/like her at:




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