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Book Blast for Black Shamrocks MC Series by Kylie Hillman (GIVEAWAYS)

Fans of MC-themed romances rejoice as the series we've fallen for one book at a time can now be experienced from start to finish!  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of the gritty and suspenseful world of the Black Shamrocks MC by Kylie Hillman, then add them to your bookshelf.  In honor of this sensual series about love and loyalty make sure to fill out both of the giveaways below for the chance to win an e-copy of this book series, a signed copy of all the books in this series including the novellas, along with 5-$10 Amazon/iTunes GCs too!

Brotherhood before blood.
It's that simple.
Until, the brotherhood betrays blood...
On the surface, the Black Shamrocks MC is exactly what an outlaw motorcycle club should be. Unapologetically brutal. Unquestionably ruthless. Unwaveringly loyal.The brotherhood appears rock solid, allied and impenetrable. Their various blood ties only serve as a reminder of the generations of kinship and family that came before them.
Dig a little deeper and the illusion begins to shatter. Beneath a well-cultivated facade of unity, old tensions simmer and new alliances are created. Game plans are being put into action. Legacies are being secured. Deals with the devil are being made.
While these betrayals are being executed with cold efficiency, a new love is born. It's a love that those undermining the club never saw coming. It's a love that threatens to derail the upcoming coup. It's a love that could unite them all and stop evil in its tracks if it's allowed to prosper.
When those closest to you are plotting your downfall, is it possible for love to conquer all? If the war needed to defeat those responsible could cost you a loved one, would you be willing to pay the price? Unfortunately, the answers don't matter anymore ... because, ready or not, the Black Shamrocks MC is about to be engulfed by BLOOD & BETRAYAL.


When a monster owns your past, can you control your future?
Only daughter of the volatile President of the Black Shamrocks MC and long-suffering sister to four overprotective brothers, Madelaine O'Brien has survived circumstances that would have broken a lesser woman.
Mik 'Mad Dog' Kennedy is her salvation, her reward for continuing to fight, and the matching piece of her soul.
With her life finally happy and on track, will the reappearance of the monster from her past be the event that finally breaks her? Or will he be the catalyst she needs to put it all behind her, once and for all?
They say when life gives you lemons; make lemonade. What happens when life keeps sending you demons who refuse to stay buried? Do you lie down and accept defeat or rise to the seemingly unwinnable challenge, and start SEIZING CONTROL?

He kills; She heals. How do you choose- heart or head?
From the outside, it appears that Juliette Patrice has the perfect life. Her career is her number one priority, matched only by her desire to fulfill her parent’s enormous expectations.
Lucas 'Timber' Blake is the Sergeant-At-Arms of the Black Shamrocks MC. A violent man who cares only for his Club and his family, he's wrong for Juliette in every logical way.
Still dealing with the fallout from the explosive events earlier in the year, Lucas is tested further when Juliette is dragged into the middle of the war between rival Clubs. A war that's already had fatal consequences.
Common sense tells her to run. Her emotions compel her to stay. The time has arrived for Juliette to begin MAKING CHOICES.


“I knew it!” A small, angry voice interrupts me as I’m watching Maddi walk down the hallway to her bedroom and the—potentially unwanted—surprise that awaits her.
Swinging from my spot on the couch to face the French doors that lead to the alfresco area, I’m greeted by an irate JJ. She’s staring at me with her hands on her tiny hips, her ruby-red lips pressed together tight. The fury that emanates from her makes her dark-red hair appear more intense than usual, her ire helping her appear taller than her just over five feet.
“You know what?” My heart’s thudding in my chest. Fuck. I hope she doesn’t say what I think she’s going to say.
I don’t want to deal with this tonight—or any bloody night.
Clenching her hands into fists when I rise from the couch and walk toward her, she spits her answer at me through gritted teeth. “That you’re in love with Maddi, Lucas. I’ve been watching you with her for months. Ever since she moved in with you when Mad Dog dumped her perfect ass, you’ve pined after her like a bloody, love-sick fool hoping she’ll give you her attention."
“You know nothing. It’s not like that."
I want to defend myself further, but I can’t. I’m not guilty of everything she’s assuming, but I amguilty. What JJ doesn’t understand is her place in the convoluted mess of my fucking emotions.
“Why do you care anyway? We’ve been playing this cat-and-mouse game that you love so fucking much for the last six months. Didn’t you tell me we were finished last night?"
Shuffling on the spot, she drops her gaze from my eyes and studies the cream tiles on the kitchen floor as if they hold the answer to my questions.
“I came over to apologise. I didn’t expect to find you with Maddi on your lap. And I didn’t expect to hear you tell her that you’d love a shot with her. Damn, Lucas, she called you my dirty little secret. Is that how you feel?"
“It is. You fucking know it is."
“That’s not fair. I’ve told you why..."
“Yeah, thanks for the warning. You’re a true friend!” My best female friend’s pissed-off voice interrupts JJ’s attempted justifications when she yells from her room. I hold up one finger to silence the seething woman in front of me and yell in response, “Anytime, Princess!"
Even in the face of JJ’s anger, I can’t help the booming laughter that rumbles from my chest. She’s obviously found Mad Dog waiting in her bedroom, ready to ambush her and finally talk her into taking him back. As much as I wish otherwise, she’s made for him, and he’s perfect for her. They just needed someone to give them a push to sort out their shit once and for all—a push I’m happy to provide.
Maybe happy is the wrong word.
It’s more like a push I feel obliged to provide.
“What the hell is that about?” JJ asks in a frosty tone once my laughter dies down.
“That was about the surprise waiting for her in her room."
Raising one perfectly sculpted eyebrow at me, she sneers. “The surprise being Mad Dog?"
Turning my back to her, I walk to the fridge and pull out a beer. Cracking the top, I drink half of it down in one go. I’m confused as fuck. I don’t know how I feel about this whole situation. I’m happy that Maddi hasn’t sent him packing yet, but the part that will always wonder if we would’ve stood a chance won’t shut up.
How I feel about JJ isn’t helping matters, and neither are her bloody hang-ups.
“You’re a piece of work, you know? A real fucked-up individual."
Straightening my shoulders, I face her. “Jesus, tell me how you really feel, Doll. You’re fucking awesome at telling me how I’m wrong about everything, so let’s lay it all out. Let’s sort this shit out once and for all."
As she stands there swallowing hard in the face of my ferocity, I continue. “You don’t get to barge into my house after you threw my feelings for you in my fucking face last night and then cuss me out for looking out for my best friends. Whatever it is you think is going on here, you’re fucking wrong. All I’ve done is put everyone else’s happiness in front of mine, and I’m fucking over it. Princess and Mad Dog will sort their shit out, so how about you sort yours out. You gonna tell Daddy about us, or are we over and fucking done for good? Those are the options here. All or nothing."
As I come to the crux of our problems, JJ bites her bottom lip so hard that I’m worried she’s going to draw blood. She can throw all the shit she wants at me about my feelings for Maddi, but I’ve done fuck all wrong. I’ve chased this woman for six months—breaking every fucking one of my rules along the way. I’ve kept quiet about us, even going as far as pretending that we aren’t fucking six ways to Sunday when we’re in front of anyone she knows.
Fuck, I’ve even hidden in her bedroom when her parents have turned up at her place unexpectedly. In return, I’ve introduced her to my Club, and they’ve all taken her into our family. She’s even been to my parents’ for our monthly Sunday roast lunch.
A place I’ve only ever taken one other woman.
All I asked last night was that she finally acknowledge we’re more than a fucking fling. That went down well, resulting in a temper tantrum about me pushing her too fucking fast. Instead of listening to what I had to say like a bloody adult, she told me it was too hard and that we couldn’t see each other anymore.
Then she stormed off.
I’d decided then and there that I wasn’t chasing her anymore, so I’d left her alone today and was planning to do so from now on. There are only so many times I’m willing to bang my head against a brick wall before I give up. Throughout the day, I’d slowly wrapped my head around the end of whatever the fuck it was that we had, only to have her come here tonight to fuck with my head again, jumping to conclusions that weren’t hers to make anymore.
Finishing my beer, I throw the empty bottle in the recycle bin before verbally prodding her again. “You gonna stand there all night chewing on that luscious lip of yours? Or am I gonna get a straight answer?"
Sighing, she removes her teeth from her lip. “I need to think, Lucas. I came here to apologise, even though nothing’s really changed. You want serious, and I can’t give you that…yet."
“Bullshit. You can, but you won’t. Too scared of what everyone else thinks—that’s what you are."
Approaching me as if I’m a wild animal she’s unsure of, JJ lifts herself up onto her tiptoes, and grabs me by the front of my shirt. She tugs hard, and after a moment’s hesitation, I lean down to her. “I need time.” She breathes her words over my face before she touches her lips to mine. It takes every ounce of control I have not to pick her up, push her against the wall, and kiss her back before planting myself inside of her warm body.
Instead of giving in to my growing need, I pull back from her mouth. “Six months is plenty of time."
Her pretty, hope-filled face shuts down, and the professional mask she wears at work drops into place. Awesome. Here comes cold, calculating JJ.
“No, it’s not. I’ve told you it’s not. I need more time."
Shaking my head at her, I gently push her away from me, and toward the French doors that she entered through. She doesn’t even attempt to struggle to stay with me, heightening my doubts of the success of what I’m about to offer.
“One week, Doll. That’s it.” This ultimatum is going to bite me in the ass—I can feel it—but I need to do this. I’ve been burned before. Actually, I was more than burned—I was fucking incinerated.
I need upfront promises before I go down this road with another woman with daddy issues.
“You’ve got one week. I’ll leave you alone for one week. So go home now, JJ, and think about how it felt when we met. Think about how good we are together. Think about how you feel when we’re apart. And when your week’s up, I’ll come find you. Then you can tell me if those feelings outweigh your Daddy being upset with you.” When I emphasise the word “Daddy” she winces. It’s a low blow, but she’s supposed to be a grown woman. I need to know if she’ll ever be all in with me.
“All right, Lucas. I will. But you need to do one thing for me during this week."
Fuck knows what else she wants from me. I’ve done everything she’s asked of me, even when it’s chafed against my need to be straightforward.
“Anything, Doll."
Walking to the French doors, she pauses with her hand on the door handle. “I want you to figure out if I’m more important to you than Maddi. If I have to deal with the fall-out from my family for you, then I refuse to play second fiddle to her."
JJ doesn’t wait for my answer. She simply walks out the door, leaving me with my mouth hanging open.

Can the sight from rock bottom be sweeter than the view from the top?
Rock bottom...
Some would say Benjamin O’Brien has finally reached it. When you’ve ruined your life and brought your loved ones to their knees in the process, you'd assume you couldn’t fall any further.
Lacey Marquis is done. Broken. Shattered. Ruined. Deserted by the man she thought was the love of her life, she’s reached her breaking point.
It takes a lot to make the Black Shamrocks MC abandon their family, yet Benji has almost managed it. When the Club discovers Lacey’s involvement in his deception, they're both given one last chance to make amends.
When two fragile souls find each other in the midst of chaos, is it possible for them to be the strength the other needs? Or will their individual demons prevent the other from Seeking Redemption?

Revenge or the love of his life?
Her soul mate versus her family?
Whatever they chose, someone loses.
Mik and Maddi. Mad Dog and his Angel. Mikhail Kennedy and Madelaine O'Brien. One without the other just doesn't seem right. They're made for each other; soul mates who've survived every obstacle thrown in their way.
It should be smooth sailing from now on. Mik taking his rightful place as the President of the Black Shamrocks MC with his woman by his side. Maddi free from the demons that plague her, finally back in the tender embrace of the love of her life.
Revenge. That dish best served cold. The need for it is eating Mik up inside. Filling him with hatred and blinding him to Maddi's struggle. He wants to avenge every wrong done to them while she wishes to forgive and forget.
A life filled with love and happiness ought to be their destiny. A future filled with pain and regret appears to be the actual outcome. With the love they've fought so hard to protect at stake, can they let go of the past and stop TEMPTING FATE?

It's said that only in our darkest hour do we find light. That may be true for the lucky ones. When your light has been extinguished and pitch-black bleakness has taken hold, you could be excused for doubting that it can it ever be reignited.
In the past when people mentioned Joel O'Brien, they talked about "the quiet one". The boy who was the family's voice of reason and their go-to guy for wisdom well beyond his years. Nowadays, they whisper about the "crippled one". The man who radiates darkness, who wallows in his self-pity, and refuses to find a way to deal with the injuries he sustained during the war that threatened to engulf the Black Shamrocks MC.
Sascha Koswalski is the light of her family's life. With a smile that could brighten the day of the most hard-hearted, the single mother uses her innate exuberance to help lessen the pain that afflicts her physiotherapy patients. She's yet to have a patient who doesn't respond to her sunny nature and skilled hands.
Until Joel. The stubborn, angry man might be the one patient she fails. Unable to crack his protective shell, Sascha is on the verge of giving up when Joel saves her from a life-threatening situation. Buoyed by the knowledge that there is a man filled with hope hiding underneath his cold veneer, can the physiotherapist rehabilitate more than his broken body? Will she be the light that reignites his belief in himself and sets them both on the path to FINDING NIRVANA?




Kylie Hillman is the Australian author of the Internationally Bestselling Black Shamrocks MC series, Amazon #1 Bestselling NA/Sports novel, Brawl (Black Hearts MMA #1), and the recently completed Centrifuge Duet. She's currently working on the highly anticipated spin-offs to the Black Shamrocks MC series, writing the rest of the Black Hearts MMA series, and plotting her upcoming psychological thriller, Blood Oath.
She's also wife to a Harley-riding, boating and fishing, four-wheel driving, quintessential Aussie bloke and mum to two crazy, adorable, and eccentric kids. A Crohn's Disease sufferer and awareness campaigner, as well as an avid tea drinker, metal head, and math nerd, Kylie is known for lacing everything she says with sarcasm and inappropriate innuendo.

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