Friday, June 29, 2018

Book Spotlight on In Bed with the Enemy by Ellie Barker

Readers will become quickly enthralled by this continuation of a fast paced and highly entertaining trilogy, with diverse range of characters, various sexual encounters, and unconventional romance.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of In Bed with the Enemy by Ellie Barker then add this second installment in the Undercover Lovers series to your bookshelf.  Once you’ve been fully tempted by this tale make sure to grab the previous book, Secrets and Spies, while waiting for For Queen and Country, the final book to hit bookshelves on July 13th!

Nikolas Jinsen, police mole and mafia odd-job man, is given an ultimatum; stop seeing his girlfriend, or lose his job. When a hasty attempt to keep both goes wrong, he does the only thing he can think of: he lies. But with his new roommate a member of the elite gang that Nikolas has been tasked to look into, and his assignations with his girlfriend constantly interrupted by calls on his services as a lover, Nikolas finds that work isn't all fun and games.


I pulled out my phone.
Bear answered within two rings. “Nikolas! This is a pleasant surprise.”
“I changed my mind about that nightcap, if the offer’s still open,” I told him.
Why the change of heart?” He sounded a bit surprised.
“I can’t stop thinking about you.” And actually, it was true. I wanted to know what he was like in bed. How far down that beard went. What was under that suit. What he looked like when he came.
I thought you didn’t do one-offs?”
“Sky wants to hear all about it afterwards.”
I heard the bellow of laughter down the phone, and then he came back on the line, still chuckling. “Well, I can’t disappoint her, can I. When?”
“What’s wrong with now?”
Forty-five minutes later, I was getting out of a taxi at the foot of a tower block. Ten minutes had been picking up a bottle of wine that I liked, wondering if he’d like it, checking with Sky—who told me she didn’t have a fucking clue and I’d just got her killed, which meant she was playing something with Benny—and going back to my original choice. And now I was here, looking up at the lit windows above me and thinking about Tanya’s exhibitionism.
I’d wondered about getting a hotel room, but Bear had invited me over and I’d accepted. It meant if there was a trap I was walking into it, but then a hotel room had a veneer of anonymity that I didn’t necessarily like. Sky knew where I was going, and had offered to come and rescue me if needed—and that meant she could potentially bring both the Queen and Tanya’s resources down on someone’s head. Tanya Mardos didn’t care about much in the world, but I figured she’d probably have something to say if her current sex toy wasn’t available on demand.
And so I headed for the main door and pushed the button for the flat intercom.
Yes?” Bear’s voice said almost immediately.
Come on up.”




Ellie mostly writes short'n'dirty flash fiction and short erotic fiction in any genre going. She prefers vampires over werewolves, and is always hot for a rainy night.
You can find out more about Ellie over at her website and follow her on Twitter.

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