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Book Release Blitz for A Very Vegas St. Patrick’s Day by Kayley Loring and Connor Crais (REVIEW)……

 A drunken night leads to an unexpected future for a sexy Irish boxer and the single mom who doesn't trust what he's offering in this fun and flirty contemporary romance.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of A Very Vegas St. Patrick’s Day by Kayley Loring and Connor Crais, along with getting my impressions of this third installment in the Very Holiday series, then add it to your bookshelf!

You might think the problem would be waking up in Vegas, hungover, next to a beautiful woman who’s wearing your boxer briefs and finding out ya married her in the middle of an epic drunken night of festivities.
But you’d be wrong.
I, Nolan Cassidy, international charmer and maker of mischief have fallen head over heels for Cora Delaney. 
I want to be married to the lass.
So you might think the problem would be that she wants an annulment.
But again you’d be wrong—stop getting it so wrong.
I, Nolan Cassidy, with my devil tongue and Irish accent, will no doubt change her mind.
Does the problem lie in that she has a son who doesn't like me and is as clever and crafty as I?
Or that I’ve only got one month—until St. Patrick’s Day—to prove to my one true love 
that I can be a good husband and father?
C’mere and I’ll tell ya…
None of that is the problem.
I’m a problem.
My boxing days may be behind me
but the fight never left me.
When I see something I want, I get it. 
And nothing is going to stand in my way. 
Not my new wife’s hesitation nor her son’s doubts.
So buckle up, strap in.
Because I’m no longer in the business of wanting.
I’m in the business of having.
Which is gonna make for one wild Paddy’s Day.




When it comes to fun and flirty reads, Ms. Loring has been the go-to author for me and through the previous books in this series she's kept me smiling while fanning myself. Add in Mr. Crais's words and emotions and you end up with yet another winner and a writing pair that I hope to see more from in the future.

With St. Patrick's Day on the horizon, readers are introduced to sexy Irishman Nolan Cassidy who finds an unexpected connection to single mom Cora Delaney which leads to the fight of his life to keep her by his side.  It's a delicious introduction that immediately charmed me and had me drooling over Nolan from that moment on.  Nolan's a former boxer, but there's much more to him than muscles and brawn.  He may think he's uninterested in commitment, but the moment he meets Cora he never wants to let her go and uses all his Irish appeal to win her over in a journey that has him counting on a bit of luck, a lot of charm, and tons of heart and soul.  He's protective, witty, and endearing as he works to win over Cora as well as her very reluctant son Ashton.  His interactions with Cora were sexy and sizzling, while his scenes with Ashton warmed my heart, and it's more than obvious how committed he is to this relationship that snuck up on him.

Cora's a likable heroine, strong and a bit overprotective of her son at times, but one who's very easy to relate to.  She's more than willing to embrace her first meeting with Nolan, happy to indulge in their scorching encounter, as long as it's all fun and games. But when things turn serious, when he doesn't want to let her go, she starts running scared.  She's worried what this new relationship will do to her son which leads to an emotional tug of war for the single mom...a war within herself as well as with Ashton. Though her feelings were understandable, I kept rooting for her to finally put herself first.

This was a decadently delightful read from start to finish...and that's totally due to Nolan.  He's a drool-worthy hero who wears his heart on his sleeve, a hero with a naughty mouth and mind, who endeared himself to me with the time he spent with Ashton.  Nolan and Cora were sizzling together, but their banter was also fun and flirty, with interactions that put a smile on my face.  From the first page to the last I was held captive, dreaming of Nolan still, in a story that I found oh so satisfying.

My rating for this is an A-

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Before writing steamy romantic comedy novels, Kayley Loring got a BFA in creative writing from a Canadian university and had a fifteen-year career as a screenwriter in Los Angeles (under a different name). She mostly wrote PG-13 family comedies that studios would pay her lots of money for and then never make into movies. In 2017 she decided to move to the Pacific Northwest and write about all the fun stuff that she wasn't allowed to write about in those PG-13 scripts. Now she’s an Amazon Top 25 bestselling author who’s breathing cleaner air and writing dirtier words. It’s an adjustment she’s happily getting used to. Rest assured that her funny sexy sweet romances have no cheating or cliffhangers, and always have HEAs!

Connor Crais is a classically trained actor living in the Midwest with his wife, two kids, and rescue greyhound. He has been both a stage and television actor, and before plunging into the romance genre, he had been narrating commercials, audiobooks, and explainers for well over a decade from his home studio. From alphas to bosses to cocky sports stars (a particular favorite), he loves sparring with beautiful, sassy heroines (and their talented narrators) but also loves winning them over and reaching that happily ever after. He is excited to now create those stories as an author.

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