Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Review for CSN Stores

I know that a lot of bloggers have been discussing this store lately, but there's a very good reason for that.  This store is an online shoppers dream!  Everything you can think of to buy, they have!

I was lucky enough to win some gift cards from fellow bloggers just in time for Christmas and decided it would be the perfect time to experience their site.  I had to purchase gifts for family members ranging in age from 5 to 70 and it was definitely easy finding something perfect for all the age groups.  From little boy's toys to big boy's toys, I was able to get gifts for everyone.

The prices were very reasonable and there are many online codes to use to lessen the cost further.  There are items on their site that have shipping costs, but the items I purchased (and everything I looked at) didn't cost extra for shipping.  Since I'm a US resident, that's probably why shipping costs weren't an issue for me.  For those in other countries shipping will have to be something you look at though.  I am most impressed by their speed in shipping and customer service.  I ordered everything in the late afternoon and had emails saying items shipped within a few hours and had the packages here within two days!  I couldn't believe it considering it was two weeks before the holidays!  One item was discontinued, but one phone call to their customer service and they helped me find a similar item that they sent me for the same price as the original item even though it cost more.  That was a super nice thing to do and gave me a wonderful impression of their company.

So if you want a wonderful shopping experience with the ability to buy anything you can think of, then give CSN Stores a chance to play Santa every day of the year.

*I received nothing from CSN Stores, other than what I purchased with my own money, in exchange for this review.  I chose to review this store on my own with no incentive involved.


  1. Thanks for the review. I have head a lot about this but haven't checked it out yet.

  2. You really should check them out, Ann. I'm truly impressed by what I've seen from them so far. I actually bought from them again yesterday and my items are already on the way.

    As I said, there's a reason why so many bloggers have been talking about them. They're wonderful to work with.