Monday, March 14, 2011

Fashion Monday Madness...

Another week of the celebs being out and about has passed by and I've scoured the internet to find some chat-worthy fashion choices.  So without further ado....

The Good.... 

Mila Kunis has looked amazing all award season long.  This outfit is no exception and she looks incredibly feminine in this man-styled suit.  It's clean lines and lack of accessories adds to the look and keeps the focus on her.  Smart and oh so stylish.

Jennifer Hudson looks gorgeous in this perfectly fitted understated gown.  Her diet has paid off and I don't blame her wanting to flaunt it now that she doesn't have as much of it as she used to.  Simple, yet stylish.

The Bad....

Halle Berry made heads turn in this dress, but not necessarily in a good way.  From the 70's Brady Bunch paisley coloring to the spots of peekaboo mesh, this dress is a fashion don't.  At the Image Awards, this dress just gives a bad image.

Michelle Rodriguez already looks like she's been attacked by aliens in this overly-worked dress in a color far too drab.  The different patterns are fighting for control while her shoulder is being attacked by a large bug.  I wonder which side will win?  But when you look this bad, is there such a thing as winning?

The Ugly....

Olivia Munn looks as if she raided a 5-year-old's clothes closet to come up with this childish ensemble and ill-fitting tights.  I think it's time to send this outfit back in time where it belongs and to remember that cute and cutesy are two very different things and an adult looking cutesy is not a good thing.

Actress Emma Stone tried for hip with this look and ended up looking hippy instead.  The poor fit and overly exaggerated slit make for a dress that makes her look unkempt.  It's very unflattering and makes her look thick in all the wrong places.  And those boots look like slippers that make this outfit even more unkempt.  A bad choice from head to toe.

So that's it for today!  What do you think?  Would you want to own any of these dresses?  Sound off below and give me your opinions of this week's choices.


  1. I love Jennifer Hudson's look. It's so classic and simple.

  2. It is a good look for her, isn't it Lisa? It's a Michael Kors dress and in this dress it's all about her. She's wearing the dress, the dress isn't wearing her.