Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Who Coming Soon

In my ongoing mission to show you my favorite things, I'm proud to announce that the new season of Doctor Who will be returning to BBCAmerica on Saturday, April 23rd.  I have been a fan since watching the episodes on PBS as a child.  From the exotic British accents to the cool looking aliens, I became hooked and am still hooked today.  My favorite combination was David Tennant's 10th Doctor and Catherine Tate's Donna Noble, but truthfully, every Doctor and Companion have brought something unique to the show.  Below is a sneak peek at the new season which has me squealing with delight!

Any other Who fans out there?  Are you all as excited as I am?!  Sound off below and let the countdown begin!


  1. Hi, I'm also a major whovian~! My favorite is probably right now the 11th Doctor because he so alien and quirky, but I love all the doctor's so I switch it up from time to time. Favorite companions totally Donna all the way. :D I'm so excited for the new series particularly Neil Gaiman's episode. :D

  2. I think the new season looks great! I was unsure of Matt at first, but he's won me over, as has Amy (who is a delightful companion) and Rory (I can hear the rolling Rs in my head). Donna was a real woman who was enamored by all the traveling, not only the Doctor. They really were the best of friends and I think her loss might have been the hardest on him.

    I look forward to more Who talk with you Lady S and thank you so much for visiting!