Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fashion Monday Madness

It's the start of a new week and for those who thought the glitz and glam ended with the Oscars, have I got some awesome fashion to discuss due to all the after parties!  So sit back and enjoy the show......

The Good....

Selena Gomez looks all grown up in this gorgeous grecian dress with just the right amount of accessories to complete this winning look.  Some would say that her current beau Justin Bieber is the perfect accessory, but not me....which is why he's not in the picture.

Anne Hathaway is probably wore out from all her clothing changes throughout the telecast.  But this dress was worth the wait.  Lovely color with a great mix of form fitting and flowy.

The Bad....

Ginnifer Goodwin's doily-inspired dress is too over-worked on top and a bit ill-fitting.  The modern hair cut she's now sporting is completely overwhelmed by this granny dress and it's no wonder she's got a frown.

Lea Michele normally rocks the Red Carpet, but this look is way too matronly for her.  Instead of singing in high school, she looks like she should be singing in Las Vegas.  The look is just too buttoned-up and instead of saying Glee....I'm thinking Free yourself from the restraint of this dress! 

The Ugly....

Jena Malone looks ready for a night on the town...right to the nearest street corner in this bikini/dress wannabe.  The sheerness of the dress is what sends this into the category of tasteless and no amount of accessories can save it.  Bad all around.

Blake Lively wins the Silver Medal for her ice skating inspired ensemble.  From the 80's looking fabric and styling, this dress should be sent back in time....and stay there.

So what do you think?  Are these outfits ones you want to add to your closet or to the garbage can?  Please sound off below!  I'm ready to talk fashion!

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