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Book Spotlight on Cajun Crazy by Sandra Hill (REVIEW)

Readers looking for a bit of flirty fun will get all that and more in this tale of two people burned by past loves who find themselves drawn to each other against their better judgement.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Cajun Crazy by Sandra Hill, along with my impressions of this steamy romance, then add this eleventh installment in the Cajun series to your bookshelf!

Welcome back to New York Times bestseller Sandra Hill’s Cajun country, where love heats up the Louisiana bayou...
Former Chicago cop Simone LeDeux is back home in the bayou, sharing a double wide in the Pearly Gates trailer park to help her mama recover from surgery. Her one rule: no Cajun men. Loved and left by too many double-crossing Cajuns, Simone puts bad experience to good use by opening Legal Belles: an agency that uncovers cheating spouses.
Suddenly she’s confronting a two-timer about to swindle his wife out of millions and antagonizing New Orleans bigwigs over an illegal sex club. Adam Lanier learns of the dangerous game Simone is playing . . . and the sexy single dad comes to her aid. Known as a rogue in the courtroom and a player in the bedroom, the ragin’ Cajun has Simone triply on guard.
With their crazy chemistry, danger on their trail, and infamous LeDeux relative Tante Lulu working her magical matchmaking, the bayou has never been this steamy.


“I’ve been attracted to you from the first moment we met.”
“I’m surprised that you would admit that. Kind of lessens your odds.”
“You’re assuming this is a game. I’m too old to play games. Actually, they never interested me much. How about you?”
“Oh, games can be fun sometimes.”
“Tease!” Adam said with a chuckle and nipped her on the chin with his teeth.
It wasn’t a kiss or a bite, but she felt it all the way down to “Red-dy and Willing,” the color of her toenail polish.
Simone remembered her bad history with Cajun men and her resolution to avoid them in the future.
“Um, I think it’s time to cut this flower in the bud. I am not going to do this again.”
“Do what, darlin’?”
That damn “darlin’ ” again! “Get involved with another Cajun man.”
“You’re going to give me the boot just because I’m Cajun?”
She nodded.
“Well, lucky you, babe, because I’m only half Cajun.”



With this latest installment readers are once again drawn into the Cajun world crafted by Ms. Hill.  It’s a brash world, full of colorful characters, laugh-out-loud moments, and teeming with sensuality.  There’s also a sense of family as characters we’ve come to love make their presence known throughout the story, characters whose stories we’ve read numerous times over the years with HEAs that get even stronger.

Simone LeDeux has had a colorful love life with three divorces in her past. She’s unapologetic though as each divorce made her the strong-willed woman she is today.  Returning to her hometown has her focused on her new career now and swearing off Cajun men forever.  It’s a battle that has her raising the white flag in surrender the moment she meets Adam Lanier though as he’s the epitome of a decadent delight.  With her reluctant to put her heart on the line again it’s a connection that moves slowly but is nonetheless teeming with sensuality.  Add in her nosy mother and well-meaning friends and it’s a romance full of laughter, sexiness, and ultimately love.  Simone’s a refreshing heroine who’s no shrinking violet.  She’s self-assured and unapologetic about her vast sexual experience.  She’s a heroine you can’t help but root for as she gets put through the wringer by all the townspeople bent on her finding her HEA.

Adam’s a sexy lawyer with a heart of gold when it comes to his daughter Maisie. He’s had his own issues though when it comes to love courtesy of a duplicitous ex-wife who made a mockery of their wedding vows.  Since then he hasn’t wanted anything permanent when it comes to women and has become the king of casual sex.  Meeting the tempting Simone has him rethinking things in a connection that starts out slowly but grows increasingly erotic.  Her job soon causes insecurities to flare though and ultimately puts her in a dangerous situation that leaves their HEA in doubt.  Adam’s very charming but his double standards regarding sexuality frustrated me.  What’s good for the goose isn’t apparently good for the gander as he espouses lots of judgments when it comes to Simone’s past.  I didn’t appreciate his hypocrisy and it dimmed my enjoyment of the story a bit.  Luckily his moments of sweetness and love for his daughter redeemed him enough to have me rooting for him and Simone to find their HEA.

This was a fun story, an atmospheric one that fully immersed me in this larger-than-life world full of outspoken characters.  The romance between Simone and Adam is satisfying, but takes a bit of a backseat to her job and the suspense surrounding it.  Their romance was crackling, with a slow pace that left me on edge in anticipation of them finally jumping each other.  Tante Lulu is a character who’s an integral part of this world and who always makes me laugh with her words and deeds.  Maisie too is an utter delight.  She’s bold for her age with matchmaking skills that were subtle but slyly clever.  On a whole this was a fine addition to the Cajun series and though it can be read on its own it will be a much richer experience having read all the previous books with their unforgettable characters that quickly become family.

My rating for this is a B-

*I got this book from Edelweiss for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Sandra Hill is a graduate of Penn State and worked for more than ten years as a features writer and education editor for publications in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Writing about serious issues taught her the merits of seeking the lighter side of even the darkest stories.

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