Monday, May 11, 2020

Welcome to The Cover Lab......

Readers and writers rejoice with this introduction to a new service being offered that gives us plenty of excuses to drool over sexy men all day.  Keep reading to learn about The Cover Lab, visit them at Instagram and Facebook, and enjoy all the eye candy!

We are so excited to introduce you to THE COVER LAB! New to the book world, The Cover Lab is a website where photographers/models sell their EXCLUSIVE photos to authors/publishers for book covers.
Yes, you read that correctly, EXCLUSIVE. Once you see it on a cover, you’ll never see it again. The website functions like a search engine. Type in what you’re looking for or just peruse all our photos, find the perfect photo, purchase, and then a direct download link is sent straight to your email. Super simple with results right away. We are just starting out and we have so much more to come, so stick with us as we continue to add on more and more to this awesome website.
AUTHORS: Be the first to find out about new photos about to go on sale HERE.
MODELS: We want to work with you. Find out where we are shooting next HERE.
PHOTOGRAPHERS: We are ALWAYS looking for new pictures. Get on our list to learn more about what authors are looking for HERE.

Quick note from the owner:
Dear Friends,
The Cover Lab has been a labor of love for over six months, a place where I wanted to bring together the two worlds of photography and romance. This new platform was truly created to help, to inspire, and to bring everyone together. If we can not only make the search of a cover photo a little bit easier, but also give these wonderful artists a place to show off their talent, then we are doing our job. We truly hope The Cover Lab offers a helping hand to this wonderful book community. Happy perusing and stick around because we have so much more to come.
Lots of Love, Meghan Quinn

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