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Book Tour for for Trouble by Gabrielle G (REVIEW)

Readers who enjoy friends to lovers stories will also be drawn to this story of misunderstandings that drive a wedge between two people meant to be oh so much more.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Trouble by Gabrielle G, along with getting my impressions of this rockstar story, then add this second installment in the Darling Devils series to your bookshelf!

There are three things I have to protect: My heart, my scars and my life. Even from my best friend.
Some secrets have the power to change lives.
Or ruin them.
What I didn’t expect was for my best friend to walk away when I needed him most. I made the only decision I could.
And I have no regrets–even if Lars Trouble can’t handle that.
Now I just have to convince my broken heart it’s better off without him.
I don’t do secrets, I hate deceivers and I’m not in love with my best friend.
Or so I thought.
As the man in the shadows, the drummer of the Darling Devils, the person I rely on most is my best friend.
That is until I discover Naomi is a liar.
If walking away from her was hard, learning she isn’t mine to love feels impossible.
And just when I think it’s all finally coming back together, fate steps in and proves me wrong.
But when you love someone, you do the only thing you can. You fight for your love story to begin.
A friends-to-lovers romance to the beat of the Darling Devils – the legends of music.



With two of my favorite themes, that of friends to lovers as well as rockstars in love, it’s no wonder I was drawn to this book!  With its sweet and sinfully sexy hero drummer Lars Trouble, along with his up and down relationship with his strong-willed friend Naomi, this is a story that kept me glued to the pages watching this larger than life romance play out.  Through each tear, through each smile, and through each punch to the gut I became even more invested in these two finding HEA and after a rollercoaster ride of emotions I’m happy to report that it was all worth it!

Lars isn’t your stereotypical rockstar.  Oh sure, he likes to have fun and enjoys some female attention, but when it comes to what he “really” wants it’s all about taking care of his bandmates and the close connection he has to his friend Naomi.  He’s a fixer, wants to help those he cares about, and has always had a special place in his heart for Naomi as their connection fulfills him on every level.  He’s a man of strong convictions, a man with a big heart who hates lies.  His painful past has left its scars and left him unable to abide lies, no matter how big or small.  He needs honesty, not superficiality, in his relationships.  He and Naomi bond over their difficult pasts early on but unfortunately it’s lies and outside forces that ultimately pulls them apart, putting them and us through the emotional wringer, before they find their way back to each other in an immensely satisfying conclusion.

Naomi’s not your usual heroine, not in looks or attitude, and I found it refreshing and it drew me to her right from the start.  She’s got her own painful past of abuse that’s left her closed off, made her hesitant to truly open up.  For awhile she and Lars navigate their tenuous connection, wanting more but unable to admit it, and it had me rooting for them all the while knowing their fall was imminent.  When the fall came it was heartbreaking and led to lots of angst and up and down moments.  Through it all though I could see Naomi becoming more empowered, standing up for herself and finding her worth, and it endeared her to me all the more.  The road to HEA was littered with lots of twists and turns, and some hard truths, but love finally won out in a romance that dug deep into this author’s well of emotions.

After the pitch perfect couple found in the previous book in this series, I wasn’t sure the author could craft another captivating pair...but she definitely did.  Lars is book boyfriend material wrapped up in a sexy package and I was often drooling over his words and deeds.  Naomi’s the kind of heroine you admire, a tough-talking and strong-willed one whose past lefts it’s scars running deep but who ultimately rose above it.  Their friendship was definitely put to the test throughout this book, with them both coming out stronger in the end.  The issues dealt with were realistically and respectfully depicted and the fallout was believable in this rollercoaster ride of emotions.  The sweet and sexy moments between Lars and Naomi were nicely balanced too with a flawless epilogue that wrapped me in it’s warm afterglow.  The hints and glimpses given of fellow bandmate Art have me now counting down the days until his story hits bookshelves...and it will tempt you too!

My rating for this is an A.

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Gabrielle G will do anything for a hot cup of tea, still celebrates her half birthdays and feels everyone has an inner temptuous voice.
Born in France and having lived in Switzerland, Gabrielle currently resides in Montreal with her husband, three devilish children and an extremely moody cat.
After spending years contemplating a career in writing, she finally jumped off the deep end and took the plunge into the literary world. Writing consumed her and she independently published her work.
Gabrielle's style is fiercely raw and driven by pure emotion. Her love stories leave you out of breath, yearning for more, while at the same time wiping away tears.

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