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Book Tour for Adrift by Leigh Lennon (REVIEW)…..

 When tragedy strikes a triad, two are left to pick up the pieces in this emotionally intense tale of starting over.  Keep reading to get a tempting glimpse of Adrift by Leigh Lennon, along with getting my impressions of this first installment in the Threes In The Keys series, then add this contemporary tale to your bookshelf too!

What happens when two men lose the love of their life?


I thought I found where I belonged with my husband and wife. Everything was perfect until we lost her on the same day our son came into this world. Together, we tried to stay strong and focused on bringing her dream to life, but maybe it’s finally time for us to follow our own dreams.

Can I convince my husband it’s time? Does moving on mean that I’m betraying the one woman we both loved so much?


She was our everything, and I’ve spent each day living as though she’s going to walk back into our lives. Our son needs us, but without his mother here – we’re lost. Davenport is convinced that we can find what we had before but what if he’s wrong?

Is it possible to find the same kind of connection with someone new?


It feels like fate landed me here between two men who seem to speak right to my heart. They’re trying to heal their brokenness, and I’ve got my own anxieties to work through.

Can I let go and give in to a connection with these two men that’s so innate that it’s hard to pull away from?

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Readers who are uncomfortable with unconventional romances might find themselves leery of the storyline of this book, but that trepidation will have you missing out on this emotional tale of healing & learning to live life to the fullest.  When a loving triad finds their future destroyed during childbirth, two men are left to pick up the pieces to make a life for their child that they never envisioned in a sweet, sexy, and sentimental story.

For the last year Davenport and Oliver have been busy raising their son, not thinking about themselves or their own needs.  The moment they meet Emily though is the moment everything changes for them.  She might be nervous about forging a life with them, but they're fully committed to her and willing to wait for her for as long as it takes.  I was drawn to this pair and their loving devotion to their son.  Theirs is a sad history, one that broke my heart in the telling, but their decision to finally move on was inspiring and had me cheering.  Emily's an unconventional heroine, one whose story pulled me in from the start.  Emily's history of mental illness, her history of anxiety, made her a compelling character.  The author's handling of Emily's issues makes this story even stronger and strengthened my connection to this young woman who thinks herself unworthy of love.  Together they make a formidable trio in a story that pulls at the heartstrings while having you frantically turning the pages to see what comes next!

My rating for this is an A-

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


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