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Book Release Blast for Harley by Marie James (REVIEW)……

 Love and loss combine in this emotionally intense MC-themed romance involving a single father and a woman with a brutal past who find a bit of solace in each other's arms.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Harley by Marie James, along with getting my impressions of it, which will have you wanting to add this 21st installment in the Cerberus MC series to your bookshelf!

They say misery loves company, but after losing the love of my life all I wanted was to be completely alone. Having a young daughter made that impossible.
I couldn’t curl into myself.
I couldn’t spend hours in the dark living in regret.
I couldn’t end it all no matter how many times that thought crossed my mind.
Regretfully, I couldn’t go through life on my own.
I needed help, and although my teammates were there to lend a helping hand, I still needed more than they could offer.
Alyssa Dansby suffered more than any woman ever should.
She came to the Cerberus clubhouse to heal, working in the clubhouse’s nursery.
She was a godsend for my daughter Aria.
She was trouble for me.
I shouldn’t be thinking about the woman caring for my child so soon after my wife’s death.
We were both looking for our new normal.
I never imagined mine would include her.



As a reader who has reviewed many MC-themed romances I found much about this story that was familiar.  But in the hands of the talented author, Marie James, I also found this to be a compelling story that pulled at my heartstrings.  From the first page to the last I found myself on an intense rollercoaster ride of emotions as two bruised souls find solace in each other's arms..if they're just willing to put their hearts on the line one last time.

Harley Cobreski is still reeling from the pain of losing his wife at the start of this story, struggling everyday to not end it all and leave his little girl an orphan.  Pain, loss, and guilt over surviving are his constant companions but the moment he meets daycare worker Alyssa is the moment everything changes for him.  It's not an easy journey though as guilt over moving on weighs him down and has him not always treating Alyssa the best.  Theirs is a fiery connection from the very start, a combustible first meeting that leads to a lot of push and pull as well as some surprisingly heartfelt moments. Harley's a man's man, someone who doesn't like to show his emotions, but it's clear that he's suffering and his inner guilt had me wanting to hug him.  He also frustrated me a time or two, but I still found myself falling for the perfectly imperfect man.

Alyssa Dansby is someone who's also suffered but after being saved from human traffickers she's trying to put her past behind her.  Being given the chance to heal as a daycare worker for the Cerberus MC is just what she needs and it's given her the chance to grow stronger and become more self-confident.  Taking care of the sweet Aria has been especially helpful in Alyssa's healing and provides some very charming and heartwarming moments.  She's drawn to Harley the moment she meets him but is scared by the anger he shows towards her.  As they slowly grow closer though she refuses to be merely a stand-in, refuses to be just a body in his bed and a replacement in his heart.  While taking baby steps forward in moving on from their pasts, readers will find steps that will make your heart ache at times but will also make you smile in this fast-paced read full of realistically depicted emotions.

The Cerberus MC series is one full of unforgettable couples, intense emotions, and action-packed moments of suspense.  The men and women of this MC are formidable pairings, there for one another when times get tough, and it all makes for one big supportive family.  Throughout these 21 books I've found epic romances, emotions that pulled at my heartstrings, and cleverly-crafted storylines that pulled me in with every turn of the page.  On a whole Ms. James has impressed me, while captivating me with her storytelling, in a series that I wholeheartedly recommend!

My rating for this is an A-

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


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