Sunday, October 21, 2012

Review for Amazon by Vanessa North

Jack's routine investigation of rogue wolf sightings threatens to uncover both Bianca's secrets and her passionate nature. Can she trust him enough to make the sacrifice her destiny demands?

Born albino, Bianca was spared death in infancy when her mother found safe haven among the ghosts and misfits of Amazon Pack. As Guardian of Amazon, she protects the hidden pack with a ferocity that belies her delicate appearance.

Jack’s routine investigation of rogue wolf sightings in his territory uncovers both Bianca’s secrets and her passionate nature. He finds her alluring and terrifying: he’s convinced she’s his mate, but is she also the Usher--key to their culture’s most sacred prophecies?

The Usher’s destiny requires a sacrifice to repair a rift in wolf culture and set the Goddess free. Can Jack and Bianca trust each other enough to pay that price?


Amazon by Vanessa North is an intriguing story chock full of myths, steamy sexual encounters, and an exciting heartpounding conclusion.  It's a unique premise that promises to be a memorable series and I look forward to following the remaining un-Mated Murphy men as things look to be getting even more complicated for the wolves.

Jack Murphy thinks he's meeting with just a few wolves about rogue wolf issues but soon finds his life completely upended as he comes in contact with Bianca, the Albina whose existence he only knows of through myths.  She's a Guardian like him and is extremely strong and quite able to keep her pack safe.  He's instantly attracted and pleased to learn that Fate has chosen her as his Mate.  Some find her genes undesirable but he'll claim her no matter what others say since he's equally as strong and will fight to keep her safe.  He'll even go so far as casting his own Pack and brothers aside to keep her by his side.

Bianca's always been made to feel inferior because of her genes but amidst the wolves of Amazon Pack she's found acceptance and made Guardian to protect them all.  She's definitely a badass and has the scars to prove how good she is in a fight.  For many years her Guide Sara has been her lover but she always knew as Usher that her true Mate was coming and wholeheartedly accepts Jack into her life.  What follows are many steamy sexual interludes with Jack where we learn more about his bloody wartime past.  Towards the end of the story a threesome starts between Sara, Jack, and her that feels very natural in its evolution and is more about feelings of caring and friendship as Sara comes to realize that her time on Earth is short.  Bianca knows she's the catalyst for a change in all wolves' existence and as the time draws closer for her Pack to be recognized, blood will be shed as she has to fight for what Fate has decreed.  

There's a lot going on in this story that sometimes gets to be a bit overwhelming.  The mythology of Guides, Guardians, and Ushers isn't always clear and what fate ultimately wants for the wolves is a bit blurry.  But if you just focus on the characters and their actions you find a very exciting and fast-paced story full of numerous likable characters.  The un-Mated Murphy brothers, Ted and Fionn, are extremely sexy and I am drooling with anticipation for their stories as Fionn has an important part to play in Fate's plans.  Between them and the numerous sexual interludes this is one hot, yet satisfying, story.  Fans of the paranormal will enjoy deciphering the intricate storyline of Amazon with its unique take on wolf-shifter culture.

My rating for this is a B.

*I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.

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