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Book Tour for Breathless Press GLBT Monthly Releases (Promo & GIVEAWAY)

I love promoting publishers who produce well-written books with unique storylines and as such I'm happy to bring back Breathless Publishing today with this month's selection of GLBT releases.  So keep reading on to learn about some great sounding new books as well as the chance to win a gift card....

Breathless Press is an e-book publisher specializing in Romance and Erotic(a) stories.

Our mission statement is simple: To provide the opportunity for readers to connect with romance authors through the purchasing of quality e-books at a low price.

Starting in the summer of 2009, Breathless Press came into existence. Since then, we have been producing top end romance and erotic stories for valued readers to enjoy.

Our Goal?

Breathless Press is an electronic publisher of paranormal, erotic, and mainstream romance, releasing one to three e-books a week in a variety of downloadable formats. It is Breathless Press' mission to provide readers with quality romance books in electronic formats and to raise the standard in e-publishing.

Join ten authors as they reveal that things are not always as they seem. Don't worry, they guarantee the sexy shifters in their stories will bite...And that you'll like it. From lions to bears, dolphins to gargoyles; we're sure you'll find a juicy story to sink your teeth into.

Tamed by K.R.R. Bridgstreet
On A Full Moon by Silvia Violet
Pleasure Bound by SJ Thomas
Sheep Shifter by Erin O'Riordan
The Arcadian Cure by Annabeth Leong
Her Pride, My Joy by D. F. Krieger
Heart of Stone by Persephone Jones
Barely There by Leona J. Bushman
Internal Savagery by Mickey J. Corrigan
Encantado by Heather Whittington


Tamed by K.R.R. Bridgstreet
A lion at this circus has a deadly secret that only his mistress knows.

On A Full Moon by Silvia Violet
Getting lost in the woods alone is never good, until the sexy wolf next door discovers you.

Pleasure Bound by SJ Thomas
He fights daily torture to protect those he loves, but can he keep from betraying his family to his destined mate?

Sheep Shifter by Erin O'Riordan
Welcome back to Wonderland where the sheep are not quite what one thinks.

The Arcadian Cure by Annabeth LeoBng
There is only one way to save the one you love from being a werewolf forever; the Arcadian Cure.

Her Pride, My Joy by D. F. Krieger
The zoo can hold exciting and sexy surprises for those that stay after dark.

Heart of Stone by Persephone Jones
A sexy playboy exposes his true self to protect the one person who could reveal him to the

Barely There by Leona J. Bushman
Danger brings together two unlikely allies...in more ways than one.

Internal Savagery by Mickey J. Corrigan
Sometimes we have to embrace the animal inside to keep the one we love.

Encantado by Heather Whittington
When deaths begin happening at parties, we find the sea can hold many secrets.

After nearly a year, Bastian Grey is growing discontent with the lack of intimacy in his relationship with Rick Claremont. Can an adopted cat be the key to a real relationship?

Fire fighter Sebastian Grey has finally gotten what he's wanted since he was sixteen: Rick Claremont in his bed. Only now he wants more. Convincing cautious Rick that loving him is a safe bet seems impossible.

Rick Claremont grew up in a hurry and experienced danger and loss early. He's not sure risking himself on Sebastian is a viable option. The man is gorgeous and the sex is amazing, but Sebastian's whole life is about taking chances. He throws himself off mountains for fun and runs into burning buildings for work. How can Rick trust this risk taker with his battered heart?

Will the advent of a cat and a corpse into their relationship give Bastian the entrée to Rick's heart as well as his bed?


"Turn over." Rick's raspy voice caressed his lips before he drew away to kneel beside Bastian. "I want to gaze into your eyes while you make love to me," Bastian protested. Rick avoided intimacy whenever and however he could. Rick's eyes narrowed at the words make love, but he didn't respond, no doubt choosing to ignore the comment. Nevertheless, his slender, strong hands guided Bastian onto his side, stroked gently down his spine. Bastian relaxed. At least like this he could see Rick's face, could watch his eyes darken, his cheeks flush.

Rick pressed a warm, soft kiss at his nape, and Bastian moaned softly. Rick could call it fucking but there was too much gentleness, too much caring in his touch, in the brush of his lips, to be anything other than affection and lovemaking.

The smaller man brushed his fingers down, tracing the muscles of Bastian's back, teasing him into relaxing, coaxing him into position. Bastian drew his knee up to the side, giving Rick access to his body. A cap snicked and a slick, gentle finger probed between his cheeks, massaging gently at the opening there. Bastian sighed, pushing into the touch. He needed that touch so much. It shocked him sometimes how much he relied on these "dates" with Rick.

"Good idea." Rick murmured against his spine.

"Uh?" His body focused on the pleasure of Rick's touch, on the heat of his breath whispering across his skin, stirring the fine hairs. The furor of his heartbeat in his ears, the loud rush of blood nearly drowned the words out.

Matthew is going insane. But the man reaching out to Matthew in his visions might be his only chance to find the truth or his true love.

Matthew is going insane. How else can he explain remembering things he doesn't own or trips his wife never took? Not to mention the visions, and the phantom in the café. But when the man in the visions reaches out to him with an explanation, and the phantom from the café tracks him down, things start to make a little more sense. Morgan is a devout Christian. He believes in God, heaven, hell, and the Bible. But his world spins out of control when his husband Matthew disappears and a mysterious man tells a tale outside the realm of reality. How can Morgan put his faith in something so far-fetched? And what will happen to Matthew if he doesn't?


After the weekend he'd had, on Monday Matthew could honestly say he was glad to be back at work. But something about his desk wasn't right. All his things were there—the spinning pen caddy, his fancy one-touch stapler, his little black and white container full of almonds, his old-school Rolodex and phone, his glass frog paperweight—but the positioning was all wrong. Matthew shook his head and rearranged the items into their proper places. Darn cleaning crew. It wasn't like he could complain—moving things around on his desk was hardly the same as breaking something or stealing something, and really, he should just be grateful for the crew's efforts—but the disorder still irked him.

He took a deep breath, plopped down into his desk chair, turned on his computer, and frowned. His icons had been moved around on his desktop too. Maybe the desk makeover hadn't been the cleaning crew after all, but a sneaky co-worker thinking they were funny. One by one, he clicked and dragged everything back to where it belonged and plunged into his day.
Three financial reports and some data entry later, Matthew was ready for a break. He quirked an eyebrow and grinned, remembering his blue mug. Down the hall he went to the break room. He scanned the shelves and counters. No blue mug. What. The. Heck? It wasn't at home, and it wasn't here. Where else could it be? Maybe his car?

With a shrug he pulled his keys out of his pocket and went out to the parking lot, but a careful search of his car—even the trunk and glove compartment, just for giggles—turned up no blue mug.

A burst of white light surrounded him, and he held his hand up against the glare reflecting from his car. His red car. Not the black one he'd gotten into this morning. He'd known something was off when he'd cranked it up, but hadn't been able to place what. Now he knew—the color wasn't right. He took a step toward the car, and a pair of arms encircled his waist from behind.

"Come back to me!" a soft, deep voice pleaded against his ear.

Matthew turned as quickly as he could, but the light and the man had vanished. He closed his eyes and leaned back against his once-again-black car, his heart hammering, his throat thick with emotions he didn't understand. He'd recognized that voice the moment he'd heard it, yet now he couldn't place it. Now it was relegated to the hazy depths of forgotten things, like half-remembered tunes that went like da-da-da-da-da-something...la-la...and nebulous gray snatches of faces from childhood. But in that moment, he'd known, and he'd thrilled in it. The voice had evoked a response from him so intense and swift, like suddenly finding something he'd been missing for years in some random place he'd looked a million times.

He wondered what the speaker had meant. Come back to me. He looked around quickly, cleared his throat, and straightened his clothes. Thankfully, no one else had seen...whatever had just happened. He took a deep breath and headed back into the office. So he was having visions of a different color car and hearing a mysterious voice. That didn't make him crazy. At least, not if he kept it all to himself.

He went back into the building, to his office, and stopped in the doorway. Where was his Chinese dragon? He distinctly remembered buying a print of a colorful Chinese dragon and hanging it right there on the opposite wall. Right where it could be seen from the hallway. Or...had he? Matthew walked over to the wall. No picture hanger. No hole. Had he dreamed the piece of art too?


Breathless Press will be awarding a $20 Breathless Press GC to one randomly drawn commenter during the tour.

-Giveaway is OPEN TO EVERYONE!
-To be entered, MUST leave a comment telling me which book you're most intrigued by, ALONG WITH YOUR EMAIL ADDY.
-One commenter will be chosen randomly from all comments made throughout the tour, so the more tour stops you make a comment on the greater your chances of winning.  A list of all participating blogs can be found here.
-Giveaway ends at 11:59 PM CST on 10/13.


  1. Thank you for allowing our authors to share their work with you and your readers.

    We have some very talented writers and we invite everyone to come visit us!!



    1. I'm always happy to have you here and love the sound of the books you're publishing. Feel free to visit anytime! Actually, you're here next week bringing some more books to my follower's attention.

  2. Thank you for hosting the Breathless Press authors today.

  3. Hi! Thank you for hosting us here today :) I'm willing to answer some questions anyone might have. A quick note, my story, Barely There, is part of The War of The Weres Series. I'm currently working on the next two sequels (both looking to be full length instead of one short and one full, sigh) in the Series. The first is The Ulfric's Mate. Er, that note turned out to not be so quick ;p

  4. Thanks for sharing some of your monthly releases. These three books sound fantastic. I put them on my wishlist. I'm mostly interested in Ravaged. I like anthologies because you get to check out stories from authors that are new to you.


  5. Hello there! Thanks for hosting us. My featured book, Risking It All is the fifth book in the Truth or Dare series, but can certainly be read as a stand alone. I'll be popping in and out all day, but I'd be happy to answer any questions readers may have. Hoping the day brings you plenty of sunshine!

  6. count me in, please....

    Christopher Hammel

  7. I've always been a fan of Breathless and these offerings don't disappoint. I love the premises of 137 Owen Street and, of course, I can never get enough hot M/M Romance. Thank you for this giveaway and happy touring!


  8. I always like a good anthology but Lee Brazil is one of my favorite m/m writers.

  9. These three books all sound really interesting. The blurb of 137 Owen Street sounds especially intriguing.

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  10. My choice is Risking It All.

  11. Love DC Juris, and I've been wanting to read Lee Brazil!


  12. Poor Sylvan is having trouble posting tonight on blogger sites so I'm posting her entry for her....
    She loves the sound of each and every single book listed above and really hopes she'll win the GC since there's many titles she'd love to purchase.

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  13. Very nice excerpts.


  14. Hi everyone. My story in Ravaged Pleasure Bound started a run of hot shifter stories for me and I have two shifter novellas coming out later this month. I love powerful, sexy Alpha males who will do anything for their women and my shifters certainly fit the bill. Thanks for having us and good luck everyone!

  15. They sound awesome, thanks for sharing!


  16. Thank You Jody for bringing your Blog Fan such Awesome Giveaway.
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  17. They all sound good but I do like Lee Brazil's writing, so I'll stick with Risking it All

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