Monday, October 1, 2012

Review for Fulfill Me for Victoria Blisse

Caitlyn is out to get what she wants and she desperately wants Nick Casey, Star of Dobsons Digs the biggest soap on TV. She will do anything to get into his life but one thing, one person always stops her. His annoying yet handsome PA Mike. 

But there is more to Nick and to Mike than she could ever have first imagined. She ends up on a journey from one side of BDSM to the complete opposite and all the time she’s just looking for the man who can make her whole.


Fulfill Me by Victoria Blisse is a BDSM/erotica fans dream with its intense and varied sexual encounters that keep your hormones on a roller coaster ride.  The entire story has a fantasy feel to it that allows the characters to get away with all sorts of naughtiness for the enjoyment of the reader.

While the action is naughty fun I found my feelings towards Caitlyn to be conflicted.  For the most part, I disliked her.  I found her overly obsessed with sex to the point of treating her partners like garbage.  She used them for her amusement to then throw them away like Kleenex.  I found her vindictive and childish as well.  Through the first half of the book she desperately wanted tv star Nick Casey, but once she had him she grew bored quickly just like a child with a toy.  She then committed a truly deplorable act that further eroded my opinion of her.  I realize that her actions were due to a childhood with no affection from her parents but I wasn't too sympathetic.  Her thoughts are to leave before getting left and not engaging your heart for fear it will get crushed.  It's not until a masked ball leads to a life-altering event that I finally started liking her.  Through her unexpected attraction to Nick's former PA Mike she becomes more of an adult and finally realizes that sex can lead to love.  By putting your heart on the line you can find something precious.  By the end I found her rather likable and worthy of the charming Mike.

While Nick didn't leave much of an impression on me beyond his meaningless sexual encounters, Mike was a truly likable and honorable hero.  He forced Caitlyn to move beyond her superficial notions of sex and to accept the importance of putting your heart on the line for the rich rewards you can reap.  They actually took the time to get to know each other and he ingratiated himself into her personal space.  Even a silly and completely out of nowhere event towards the end of the book can defeat the intense connection these two made as a couple.

While the heroine didn't always work for me I wholeheartedly adored Mike.  I liked the message of how love enhances a sexual relationship and matures a person to make them better.  It goes without saying that the numerous sexual encounters were over the top hot and involved many twosomes and one threesome.  Caitlyn was definitely a busily buxom gal!  Fans of the erotic will find this a delight and it fits in nicely amongst the other works of Victoria Blisse.

My rating for this is a C+

*I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.

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  1. Thanks for reading and reviewing the book, Joder. I'm glad Caitlyn grew on you!