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Book Tour for Dark Light of Day by Jill Archer (Interview & GIVEAWAY)

Debut author Jill Archer is here today giving us a little insight into her release, Dark Light of Day.  So keep reading for an interview with Jill as well as a giveaway.....

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer my questions.....

It's my pleasure, Jody. I'm happy to be here.

1. How did you get where you are today with your writing career and would you have done anything differently?

I've been a lifelong reader so, at the outset, I had that love of books and the written word that every writer must have. When I reached the point in my life when I decided I wanted to try writing a novel, I just started writing. Those first scenes weren't even close to a novel, but you have to start somewhere. Over a number of years, I took workshops, online classes, attended writers conferences, and read at least a dozen books on novel structure, character development, worldbuilding, etc. When I read other author's books, I started paying more attention to how they were written. I kept writing. Eventually, many years later, I was able to write a manuscript that was good enough to attract the attention of several agents. Leaving the practice of law to write about it (albeit with an interesting twist) was risky, but it paid off. There's nothing I would do differently.

2. What is an average writing day like for you and can you describe your writing cave to us? Any inspirational items you have around you while writing?

I have elementary age kids so I don't sit down at my computer until after they leave for school. Then I usually have the day to myself. These days (because I'm trying to get the word out about Dark Light of Day and the Noon Onyx series) I've been spending a lot of time writing guest blog posts and doing interviews.  I enjoy it though because it gives me a chance to meet other readers online.  The rest of the time I spend either writing, revising, or developing ideas for future stories.  My kids come home around 3-ish and then I do "kid stuff" until they go to bed. Luckily, I'm a night owl so I'm then able to get a few more hours in.

I have a home office. Just before I sold Dark Light of Day I dragged everything out of it (including five bookshelves full of books!) and painted it in sage, taupe, and gold colors. (I love to paint – for the first two days of a project. Then I curse myself for beginning a project that always takes three times as long as you want it to. There's this point in the middle when I thinkit's never going to end. But then I press on and I'm always pleased with the result. Hmm... Now that I think about it – painting is a bit like writing!)

As far as inspirational items, my office is full of them. Besides the books, there are old festivalposters and pictures of Irish castles and the Venetian canals. I also have a collection of stones and shells from various beaches I've visited: the Northumberland Straight in Nova Scotia, Hawaii, the Outer Banks, Gulf Shores... even the Jersey Shore.

3. With Dark Light of Day being your debut novel, what drew you to its paranormal theme and do you see yourself writing mostly in this genre? If not, what other genres would you like to try your hand at?

I try not to rule anything out, so it's nearly impossible for me to say I'll never write a contemporary romance or a traditional legal thriller. That said, Dark Light of Day has all of the genre elements I adore: fantasy, romance, and mystery. I love different, "otherworld" type stuff.  I've always been drawn to fantasy stories, creepy mysteries, and gothic romances so it seemed natural to incorporate pieces of story (plot points, character motivation, tone and setting) from those genres into DLOD.

4. What can you tell us about your new book and its main characters? Is it a standalone or the beginning of a series?

Dark Light of Day is the story of Noon Onyx, a twenty-one year old post-graduate magic userwho must choose between death or training to become a demon peacekeeper. The story focuses on Noon's magical, romantic and academic struggles. It is considered "urban fantasy," although the setting is not contemporary. The story mostly takes place in New Babylon, a city with a circa 1900's technology level that was built on top of the ancient battlefield of Armageddon in a country called Halja.

Dark Light of Day is the first book in the Noon Onyx series. It was released last month. The second book is due out May 28, 2013. Later this fall, I'll have a new cover, new title, and new blurb to share for book #2.

5. How has the digital revolution affected your career and how you market yourself? Do you have an eReader?

I'm just starting out as an author so the digital revolution hasn't affected my career. I have a second generation Kindle and an iPad. As a reader, I'm happy reading either digital or print. As a writer, my hope is that I'll always be able to offer my stories in various formats so readers canchoose the delivery method that works best for them.

As far as marketing, I think most forward thinking authors are trying to reach readers online now, as well as in person. The comparison isn't perfect, but I think sites like this are similar to small, independent bricks-and-mortar bookstores. The blogger acts almost like a bookstore manager would, by introducing authors and readers to one another, and making their followers aware that certain books are available that may be of interest to them. (Ideally, the book blogger knows their followers' tastes or their risk level for trying something new). All in all, it's very exciting times to be in the book business!

6. My site is all about favorite things, so what are some of your favorite things/the things you can't do without?

Other than family, friends, and coffee, I can't think of many things I couldn't do without. Of course, who would want to? But I could adopt a very minimalist attitude if I had to.

Now favorite things are another story. :-D My Keurig coffee brewer immediately springs to mind. Also, an old mechanical TV Guide pencil sharpener that my dad gave me that is simply the best pencil sharpener I've ever had. And my vintage Radio Shack EC-4012 Scientific Calculator, which is the first calculator I ever owned.My brother bought it for me in the 80's and it still works!

Thanks for your answers and I look forward to your visit to my site!

Thank you, Jody, for interviewing me and allowing me to share more about Noon Onyx and Dark Light of Day with your readers!

Armageddon is over. The demons won. And yet somehow…the world has continued. Survivors worship patron demons under a draconian system of tributes and rules. These laws keep the demons from warring among themselves, the world from slipping back into chaos.

Noon Onyx grew up on the banks of the river Lethe, daughter of a prominent politician, and a descendant of Lucifer’s warlords. Noon has a secret—she was born with waning magic, the dark, destructive, fiery power that is used to control demons and maintain the delicate peace among them. But a woman with waning magic is unheard of and some will consider her an abomination.

Noon is summoned to attend St. Lucifer’s, a school of demon law. She must decide whether to declare her powers there…or attempt to continue hiding them, knowing the price for doing so may be death. And once she meets the forbiddingly powerful Ari Carmine—who suspects Noon is harboring magic as deadly as his own—Noon realizes there may be more at stake than just her life.


Failing is not an option...

“I’ve been watching you, wondering, waiting to see where you’d end up. After all, there are other demon law schools,” Seknecus said, making a moue of distaste that made it clear exactly what he thought of them. “But I was happy to see that you chose St. Lucifer’s.”

Technically my mother chose St. Lucifer’s . . . But there seemed no reason to interrupt just to clarify that bit of misinformation. Seknecus wandered around the room, picking through papers, flipping open and quickly shutting the front covers of various leather-bound books, never meeting my eye. I had no doubt, however, that his attention was fully focused on me.

“So, you see, seeing your name on my List wasn’t exactly a surprise, although it appeared much later than I would have liked.”

He did look at me then, with a frown of disapproval. I did my best to look expressionless because none seemed appropriate. It wouldn’t do to look amused, bored or, Luck forbid, rebellious. Seknecus stared at me with narrowed eyes and then went back to wandering.

“You’ve got some catching up to do,” he said, addressing a copy of Sin and Sanction: Codification & Case Law. “It doesn’t matter why or what excuses you’ve got for yourself. You will be held to the same standards as everyone else, regardless of whose daughter you are. And you’ve missed a lot of class already.”

I opened my mouth to protest, but he cut me off with a wave.

“Manipulation class,” he clarified. “You’re going to have to work ten times as hard as everyone else just to pass. Quintus Rochester doesn’t go easy on students and he’s likely to see your absence during the early part of the semester as a challenge. You know, failing is not an option. Not if you want to live.”

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Raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Jill earned a bachelor of science from Penn State University and later moved to Baltimore to attend the University of Baltimore School of Law, where she graduated magna cum laude. She went on to practice law as a “dirt lawyer” for ten years, specializing in real estate law, municipal development, commercial leasing, and anything involving exceedingly lengthy legalese-like contractual monstrosities.

Jill now lives in rural Maryland with her two children and husband, who is a recreational pilot. Weekends are often spent flying around in the family’s small Cessna, visiting tiny un-towered airfields and other local points of interest.

twitter: @archer_jill

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