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A strong-willed woman pushes boundaries, and herself, in this erotically-charged tale of starting over.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of The Misadventures of a (Wannabe) Slutty Bartender by WS Carmichael, along with a discussion about the title of this book, then discover even more about this book by visiting the other sites hosting this tour.  In honor of this standalone rom-com make sure to fill out the form below for the chance to win a $25 bookstore GC too!

I took a risk when I titled my newest book, The Misadventures of a (Wannabe) Slutty Bartender by putting the word ‘Slutty’ in the title. Slutty is a loaded word. Hearing it elicits some type of visceral response from everyone, and rarely is that response positive. For most, the word slutty represents a woman of low moral character, someone we should look down upon with disdain and scorn. I’ll admit, there were times in my life I thought much the same way. Calling a woman a slut is usually the result of gossip, driven by virtue signaling and insecurities. When used in a derogatory way, the moniker of slut is a badge of shame, a public declaration of a woman’s unworthiness of love and compassion. We are to believe she is dirty, unclean and impure.
Well, I refuse to continue the tradition of shaming a woman for the choices she makes with her own body. Which is why I decided to put ‘Slutty’ on the front cover, out in the open for God and everyone to see.
As times change and social norms evolve, being called a slut no longer carries with it the negative connotations it once did. For many, a slut is merely a woman who chooses to reject the patriarchal ideology that a woman touched is a woman ruined while men are free to dip their wick in any willing receptacle without damage to their reputation or social standing. What was once a shameful label is now looked at as a symbol of pride by some.
The Misadventures of a (Wannabe) Slutty Bartender is a story about a woman empowering herself (or at least attempting to) by no longer allowing anyone to tell her how she should behave or how she should conduct her private life. The main character, Ava, has been turning herself inside out for several years trying to become the person her fiancé and his stuffy parents would approve of. When her engagement collapses in a heap of shock and lies, she realizes she has lost herself in the outdated and suffocating perception of what makes a woman valuable. In an effort to regain her essence, she embarks on a mission to embrace life my having a series of one night stands. She theorizes the only way as a young, single woman to recapture her lost zest for life is to welcome all Vegas has to offer, including casual sex. It isn’t the sex she is necessarily after, but instead she is chasing the freedom to decide what – and who – she does and when she does it. Unfortunately for her, her escapades rarely live up to her fantasies. Each attempt is more hilariously disappointing than the last, thus making her a wannabe slut. Don’t worry. She eventually gets the HEA all women deserve.
My hope is that in addition to being entertaining, The Misadventures of a (Wannabe) Slutty Bartender conveys the message all women are fabulous, worthy and fierce, regardless of their sexual practices. There is no longer room in a woman’s underwear for societal judgement.
Make no mistake, I am in no way advocating that the women of the world suddenly start tossing their cooters at every man passing by. In addition to being an author, I have also been a nurse for over twenty years. While I am all for women having total control over their goodies, my medical training demands I urge you to use good judgement and be safe.
Whether you have one partner or a hundred, you deserve to be valued for the awesome and beautiful person you are.

Ava Moreland has it all planned out. In two months, she will marry her fiancé, Tim. She’ll continue working at Vegas’s famous Cosmopolitan bar while he runs his father’s accounting firm. Soon they’ll start a family and she’ll have the white picket life she’s always dreamed of. Or not.
When her fairytale engagement implodes in a devastating display, Ava embarks on a quest to reclaim her identity and feminine prowess – by sleeping her way through Las Vegas. With her best friend, Jarrod, acting as wingman her plan is foolproof.
Or not.
Nothing goes as planned with hilariously disastrous results. Her sexual misadventures will keep you in stitches as Ava searches for herself in Sin City, finding herself and her happily ever after in the unlikeliest of places.


The day passes quickly and before I know it, I’m getting out of an Uber in front of the Tropicana. I smooth the imaginary wrinkles out of my dress, hike my purse higher on my shoulder and walk through the main entrance. I try my best to ignore the butterflies in my stomach while I make my way to our designated meeting area.
I remind myself even though I am not normally a one-night stand kind of girl, I am committed to stepping out of my old way of living. I do not want to be that girl. You know, the one who never takes a risk, never steps off the safe, well-lit path she’s laid out for herself. The one who looks back over her life when she’s gray and old, only to realize she settled. She settled for the sure bet, the man who could never own her heart enough to truly break it, the safe career and the white picket fence. She settled for all the things she knew could never make her soul sing but could never make it cry either.
I no longer want to be that girl.
I want to be the girl who lives life, the girl who seizes every opportunity. I want to be the girl who embraces her wild side until she finds a man who can tame it, not suppress it. Tonight, I want to be the girl who doesn’t go home and molest her showerhead.



WS Carmichael is attempting to write the world into romantic bliss one novel at a time. Based in upstate NY, she travels as often as her hectic schedule will allow. When she isn’t busy writing, she’s a mother, nurse and avid sportswoman.
WS Carmichael fell in love with romance at an early age when she would sneak Harlequins from her mother. A voracious reader, she eventually made the jump to writing.
Writing is her passion and she’s always jotting down new storyline and character ideas. Often, her characters take on a life of their own and don’t always cooperate with her plan for them. Creating well developed, strong alpha male characters that don’t fit into the typical romance hero mold makes her novels exciting and relatable. A woman who believes wholeheartedly in happily ever after, she gives her heroes the heroine they deserve.


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  1. This is definitely going to the top of my tbr list. I really like how the word slutty was turned completely around from the "slur" type of word we automatically think of. Men don't get referred to as slutty and that's always bothered me. I can't wait to read it, thank you for the great find. The cover is very inviting also: 10/10!

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I hope you enjoy the book. Ava definitely sets her sights on shattering the mold of what she “should” be! Happy reading!

  2. Oops, there wasn't a spot for my comment name on the rafflecopter. I'm buzzyngabe at yahoo dot com. I'm very sorry, I should have checked. Thank you.

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