Monday, May 16, 2011

Fashion Monday Madness

Welcome to Monday everyone!  And to start our week off right we'll be chatting about celebs and what they consider fashionable.  So grab a seat and join me to see....

The Good....

73-year old Jane Fonda looks anything but old in this perfectly fitted and stylish dress.  I like that she's gone light on the accessories since this minimal look makes them unnecessary.  I'm in awe of how great she looks and can only hope to look a fraction as good at that age.  Today's starlets should be taking notes!

Penelope Cruz looks anything but morbid in this sparkly black dress that leans toward the dramatic.  The dark color looks great with her skin tone and again, with a dress this showy the less accessories the better.  It's so unfair that she has Javier Bardem, must she also look this good too?  It's so unfair.

The Bad....

Rachel McAdams looks as if she hasn't seen the sun for weeks and her pale colored ensemble only makes things worse.  The outfit is drab and has an outdated feel to it.  This is an outfit screaming for flashy accessories and polished make-up, and without it I'm just left screaming.  Casper the Ghost might have found a new girlfriend here.

Ashley Greene came so close and yet is so far wrong in this ill-hemmed dress that's reminiscent of Designing Women.   Julia Sugarbaker would be proud to wear this, but would agree with me about the hem that isn't hemmed.  Who let her out of the house like this and too bad she wasn't watching that infomercial selling Style Snaps so she could fix this problem.

The Ugly....

Kat Graham from The Vampire Diaries looks like she pilfered this outfit from the wardrobe truck.  It seems to be a hybrid of Madonna and the Statue of Liberty and is vampy to the nth degree.  Not sure what event she's wearing this scary ensemble to, but Halloween is in October.  Oh, and Kat, Elvira called and she wants her dress back!

Sarah Jessica Parker looks drab and bedraggled, but at least she sparkles thanks to her Bedazzler in this extremely old fashioned design inspired by Little House on the Prairie.  Instead of getting better with age like Jane Fonda did above, SJP has just started dressing old.  I guess it's time for another SATC movie so she can get some better clothes from the wardrobe department.

So there you have it.  What do you think of the fashions I brought you today?  Agree, disagree, please sound off below!

And be sure to be here on Wednesday when I'll be hosting a book tour with Eve Langlais and Stacey Kennedy talking about their new anthology Once Bitten, Forever Burned.

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  1. Oh Sarah Jessica Parker doesn't look the best. I know she wears some out there clothes but this look doesn't cut it.