Saturday, May 14, 2011

Quick Movie Review....Thor

I'm not ashamed to admit this.....but I'm a geek.  I adore superhero movies!  I love the idea of having extraordinary powers that can be used for good (or evil) and the ability to become someone else for a little while.  Plus, let's admit it, superheroes are HOT!  Who hasn't been drooling over Ryan Reynolds for the last few months since that first image of him in his skin tight Green Lantern ensemble was released?  So with visions of sexy eye candy running rampant in my head, I decided to see Thor.  And oh my, what a fun time I had!

Chris Hemsworth plays the title character and proves he's more than just abs.  He actually has substance and goes from arrogant brat to caring romantic on a delightful and humorous journey where he must learn to live without his superpowers.  Seeing him adjust to Earth ways provides a bit of comic relief and humanizes him.  You can easily understand why Natalie Portman's character Jane falls for him.  He's a romance novel hero come to life.  That's not to say that this movie evolves into a chick-flick....not even close.  There's still great action with fight scenes both on Earth and in outer space.  Marvel comics has another winner on its hands and Thor earns the right to stand beside Iron Man.  All I can say is bring on The Avengers so I can see all my supermen in one place!

There's entertaining secondary characters and a villain that lives up to his role.  Thor's bitter younger brother Loki is played with perfection by Tom Hiddleston who just wants to be seen as an equal but comes up short in his father's eyes.  Hiddleston plays the bratty outsider perfectly and brought to my mind a male version of Jan Brady.  There were times I felt sorry for him and felt a bit bad about his downfall since he was so gleefully evil.  Don't totally count him out though and be sure to stay until after the credits are done for an extra scene that sets us up for more Thor.  Anthony Hopkins plays Odin as a strong monarch who just wants his son to grow up and uses some tough love to teach him a lesson.  He tempers that with true emotion and was truly wonderful in a small role.

I also want to say how wonderful it was to see so many strong female characters who fought alongside the big boys and won.  Very inspiring for those of us doubting that a Wonder Woman movie will ever get made.

Kenneth Branagh did a superb job bringing Thor to life and presented a story easy to understand by those not familiar with the Marvel comics superhero.  It's a super entertaining movie that is the perfect start to the summer blockbusters with just the right amount of action, humor, and romance to appeal to everyone.  There's something for both the girls and boys to cheer about.  For me, this is what I cheered about.....

So, who else has seen this movie?  Did you enjoy it as well or did you want to use Thor's Hammer on Thor's head?  Sound off below and let me know if you're a geek too.

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  1. I LOVED THIS. Honestly, I skipped the April movies, it had been like 5 weeks since I'd gone to a movie and this was the one to break the hiatus. I have to say I was thoroughly impressed with it.