Thursday, May 5, 2011

Review for Once Upon a Time In Space by Heather Massey

With planet Earth on the cusp of dying it's up to the last known descendant of Christopher Columbus and a Lady Pirate bent on revenge to find a planet where the human race can start over again in this highly emotional, on the edge of your seat, futuristic read.  Raquel Donovan was left scarred inside and out by a vicious military man trying to stop her family spreading the propaganda of searching for a new planet.  She was forced into making the ultimate choice and it cost her family their lives and her her eye.  Guilt now drives her to find this man and exact her revenge which leaves her no time for romance no matter how attracted she is to the captain who steals more than her ill-gotten gains.  Nick Venture only wanted a promotion but soon finds himself captaining a trio of spaceships to a planet believed to be humanity's salvation.  Along the way he meets a sexy siren with a heavy heart who captures his attention like no woman before.  Will the two of them survive the dangers of space or will the journey to salvation end in sorrow and death?

This is an incredibly exciting book with colorful characters and a sexual attraction that builds slowly and ends up being very worth the wait.  The trip through space is full of battles and piracy and keeps you on the edge of your seat like the best episodes of Star Trek.  The romance is gut-wrenching and steamy and the steady build-up makes for a very believable relationship.  All of this makes for a perfect balance between action and emotions.

Nick Venture never planned on becoming humanity's hero but fate had other ideas and he soon becomes the quintessential hero.  He's sexy and full of swagger and will sacrifice everything to find a new home.  He and Raquel are incendiary together and she's the one thing that he won't sacrifice for the sake of the mission.  Since he equates home with the love of a good woman, he refuses to have one without the other.  This speaks volumes as to his feelings for Raquel and I ached for him as Raquel fought through her demons without him.

Raquel has been chased by demons and weighed down by guilt since her youth.  Revenge is all that matters to her and she forsakes everything for that one goal.  She doesn't concern herself with love or thoughts of the future since she's focused on this one goal.  At least until she meets Nick, who's the first man to beat her at her own game.  She finds his physical and emotional strength attractive and longs to let someone else carry the burden for awhile.  These shared emotions are what brought them together and helped them weather the storm.  Her character had horrible things happen to her, both emotional and physical, and it was tear-inducing seeing her struggle to put the past behind her to create a future with Nick and added to the believability of their relationship.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story!  There was gripping action, steamy interludes, and colorful and unique secondary characters that added an extra element of fun to the story.  The story brings together the best of sci-fi and romance and makes for a very satisfying read.  I highly recommend it and would love to revisit this world again with so many larger than life characters left to tell their stories.

My rating for this is a A+

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  1. Joder, thank you so much for your interest as well as your in-depth review. Glad you enjoyed the story!