Monday, July 25, 2011

Fashion Monday Madness....

The heat wave continues which kept me inside this weekend reading, with a slight detour to see the movie Bridesmaids which was very enjoyable.  And now for the usual start to our week.......

The Good....

Elizabeth Hurley looks classy yet flirty in this champagne colored form fitter.  The sparkles and dusting of feathers adds a bit of excitement to the understated dress color and gives her a beautifully distinctive look.

Transformers star Rosie Huntington-Whitely again makes the top of my list in this stylish cocktail dress with the good girl/bad girl vibe.  The black leather is cutting edge naughty while the bit of lace adds that bit of good.  The lack of accessories lets the focus fall on the dress which I definitely give a thumbs-up to.

The Bad....

Rihanna steps out in something from the way-back way-back as the 80's or just rolling out of bed that morning.  The fit is baggy, the color is drab, and no amount of cutouts will make this more appealing.  Please Rihanna, get back in that California King Bed and start the day over with a different outfit!

Demi Lovato looks to be wearing every item from her closet....her linen closet.  With an outfit that looks to be one part drape, one part tablecloth Ms. Lovato looks like her day of dress up got out of control.  Next time remember, less is more.

The Ugly....

Emma Roberts looks ready for Christmas in this dress reminiscent of a Christmas present.  From the overly bright fabric to the garnish glue gunned around the neckline that would make Martha Stewart proud, Auntie Julia would definitely not classify this as a Pretty Woman.  The fit of this dress is poor and the style looks like something I created in Home Ec class in high school.  Clearly she's on the Naughty List after receiving this lump of coal.

It's a bad day for Emmas as Emma Stone proves in this confection-colored disaster.  From the nauseatingly bright colors to the larger-than-life hip pads (or pillows...or pockets...who knows) this dress definitely doesn't receive an Easy A.

That's the fashion low down for this week.  Please sound off below letting me know what you think of what the rich and famous are wearing this week and join me again next week for more fashion talk!


  1. What a fun post! Money truly doesn't buy style does it? Emma Roberts is so pretty though :)

  2. Thanks for visiting and commenting Lan! I'm constantly amazed at how bad some of these outfits are considering the stars can afford stylists to help them dress stylishly.