Saturday, July 30, 2011

Review for Breaking the Rules by Suzanne Brockmann

Izzy Zanella has tried to get over his troubled ex Eden Gillman, but he still loves her and continues to rush to her rescue when needed.  And she definitely needs him now to help her gain custody of her brother Ben who's being abused by their parents because of his homosexuality.  To add to the family drama, Eden's older brother Danny has been very seriously injured overseas and comes home to reclaim the only woman he's ever loved.  He too has his own plan to gain custody of Ben and it involves his only love Jennilyn.  Throw in a young girl tying to escape from an illegal sex trade ring and the action never stops in this heart pounding yet highly emotional read.

Seal Team Sixteen is back in Breaking the Rules, the 16th installment of Suzanne Brockmann's Troubleshooter Series.  This series captured my attention when it first came out and my enjoyment of it hasn't waned.  This story involves wise cracking super sexy Izzy Zanella who, since first meeting Eden Gillman, has been her knight in shining armor.  He married her when she was pregnant with another man's baby but the loss of the child destroyed their relationship.  He still loves her though and wants to get back together and will agree to anything to make that happen.  Izzy is the quintessential hero willing to sacrifice everything for the woman he loves.  His wise cracks hide a man worried that he'll never find happiness like his friends have found and it made me root for his finding his HEA.  His interactions with his fellow soldiers is playful and brotherly and very realistic.  I enjoy those scenes of him and his nemesis Danny Gillman for the constant one-upmanship they engage in and its added layer of realism.

Eden has grown a lot since she was first introduced.  She's trying to get her act together and make amends for the trouble she's caused.  She's a bit more hardened, not as willing to put her heart on the line.  The loss of her child was hard on her and she isolated herself from the emotions which she's still doing when she meets up with Izzy again.  She'll be with him but refuses to involve her heart.  Seeing him break through her defenses proves just how charming he can be and how hard he's willing to work to claim her.

Dan too is still struggling when it comes to love.  In a previous book he found the perfect woman in Jennilyn, even if her looks weren't what he usually went for.  He's been trying to prove himself worthy of her ever since then and in this book his near death experience tightens their bond.  Dan's had a harsh life, his abrasiveness towards others a cover for his insecurities, and with Jennilyn by his side he's become a better man.  He steps up to the plate when it comes to his family and accepts his responsibilities instead of becoming embittered by them.  He's become a more likable character and it shows what the love of a good woman can do.

Seeing past characters like Jules Cassidy and the other members of Seal Team Sixteen always brings a sense of family to each installment in this series.  They seamlessly come in and out of each storyline and always help save the day.  The secondary characters in this story were equally intriguing and really amped up the suspense.  They also shed light on the continued harassment those who are homosexual face.  When it comes to issues surrounding homosexuality no one writes better than Suzanne Brockmann.  She brings a sense of realism amidst the emotional turmoil of coming out to a family and a society not always supportive.

This was a story that kept me riveted from beginning to end.  Revisiting these characters is like seeing old friends and seeing them find happiness makes for a very satisfying read.  I'm sad to see this series come to an end, for now, and hope that Ms. Brockmann will bring us more exhilarating stories from these sexy Seals in the future.  I for one will be waiting with open arms.

My rating for this is an A.


  1. Thanks for the review. I didn't buy her last book.This one I've been ignoring as well. Felt like there wasn't much to the series anymore. Your review makes me think I should give it a try anyway. I AM a Brockmann fan after all. Nash is my favorite!

  2. Thanks for commenting _yay_! I've enjoyed this entire series and felt that this was a good way to end things. That being said, I truly hope she returns to this series since it's an exciting world she's created.