Monday, August 1, 2011

Fashion Monday Madness

Another week dawns with the melting temps continuing to make the outside world miserable.  So join me inside where it's cool and let's begin our fashion chat with....

The Good....

Rachel Weisz looks ravishing in red in this fun and flirty dress that goes beautifully with her porcelain colored complexion.  The minimal cosmetics allows the dress to be the stand-out and be the center of attention.

Julianne Moore looks young yet retro in this fitted and flared cocktail Dress.  The smoothly styled hair adds to the retro look that would make her the perfect walk-on for Mad Men.

The Bad....

Ginnifer Goodwin looks like a fluorescent nightmare in this shockingly colored ensemble.  From the bib-like bodice to the large dust bunny attached to her waist this dress just keeps going from bad to worse.

Paz de la Huerta is not The One that I Want in this pseudo-Olivia Newton John ensemble.  From the overly tight pants that The Pink Ladies wore in Grease to a top usually seen on street corners it's no wonder Paz looks so bewildered.  Some might think it looks like a mug shot but I think she's trying to hide from her bad fashion sense.

The Ugly....

Kelly Rowland is going for a pseudo-dominatrix look coupled with shoes that only Lady Gaga would love.  From the spiderweb bodice to the hair that looks like a cross between a wig and overly-done extensions her look is way too costumey for public consumption.

British celebrity Katie Price looks like a Barbie doll on steroids in this ensemble to promote her book.  This outfit gives a whole new meaning to portable reading devices!

That's all for this week.  What's your take on the celebrity fashion I've brought you?  Sound off below.


  1. I really love this segment. Your picks are spot on once again. Love Rachel Weisz's dress. Katie Price...not so much :)

  2. Katie Price looks like she's about to fly or speed off to stop crime -face palm- and Kelly Rowland could be the villain in this story!

  3. Thanks so much for your comments Lan and Sandy! It's wonderful to know that you enjoy this segment since I enjoy talking about fashion. I certainly can't afford name brand couture clothing, but I sure love looking at it.

    I'm still amazed at how awful some of these outfits are.