Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Review for Sun God Seeks...Surrogate? by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

When 24-year-old Penelope learns of a new miracle drug that could cure her ailing mother, it’s the answer to her prayers. Until she sees the cost. But for every door that closes, a window opens. In this case, the window calls herself Cimil, and she’s quite possibly the most insane person Penelope’s ever met. Could it be because this complete stranger just offered Penelope one million dollars to carry her wealthy brother’s baby?

But Cimil’s brother isn’t your everyday millionaire. In fact, he gives new meaning to the word hot.


Mimi Jean Pamfiloff has created an extremely entertaining read that offers something for everyone.  There's wonderful bits of humor, life or death suspense, high octane action, and a wonderfully steamy and heartbreakingly emotional romance to give the reader a satisfying read.  As the third book in her Accidentally Yours series there's a lot from previous books brought up here, so if you haven't read the other books in the series you might be a bit lost at first but you quickly get caught up on previous story lines.

The all-knowing and all-seeing goddess Cimil is back in all her wacky glory to manipulate the future for Sun God Nick and overworked Penelope, whose surprising genetic background plays an important role in the story.  Cimil is full of crazy thoughts and laugh out loud one-liners and brings much needed comic relief when things get too angsty.  Full of wonderful humor as well is Penelope, who can't believe what she's gotten herself into out of fear for her mother and an instantaneous attraction to the powerfully sexy Nick.  She's a surprisingly competent heroine who's stronger than she knows and ends up becoming a leader with the unconventional support of Nick.  She's extremely likable and rolls with whatever unhappiness fate throws at her.  She's worthy of interacting with the paranormal creatures fighting evil.

Nick is super sexy and undeniably powerful, but looks down on humans in relation to mating.  They're good enough to protect but weak and a liability in matters of love.  So no matter how attracted he is to her he knows their time together is temporary.  Even if fate decrees he and Penelope have a child, he sees an offspring as leading to the apocalypse and fights fate every step of the way.  Nick is definitely arrogant but you can't help being drawn to him.  The sexual interactions between he and Penelope are super hot and are nicely spaced throughout the story to keep the sexual tension strung tight.  

Without having read the previous two books in this series I was still totally immersed in the story from the start.  Quick yet subtly included character recaps got me caught up on the action and explained the intense suspense and life or death scenario.  There's a slew of colorful and intriguing secondary characters that leapt off the page and clamored for my attention and have me waiting with bated breath for book four after the emotionally charged cliffhanger ending of this story.  As a fan of the paranormal I highly recommend this book which offers so much more than you expect.

My rating for this is an A.

*I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.

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