Thursday, September 13, 2012

Book Tour for Saxonhurst Secrets by Justine Elyot (Guest Post & Promo)

Hello, and many thanks to the lovely Scarf Princess for welcoming me back to her site.

If you visit pretty much any English village, you'll find yourself confronted with centuries of history. The graves in the churchyard might have medieval dates under the lichen. The church itself might have been built during the reign of William the Conqueror. The fields around it would once have been tended by serfs and the oldest cottages might have housed generations of the same family, living through plague, civil war and more.

Saxonhurst is no different. And yet it is different. Its traditions are unlike the gentle morris dancing or cheese rolling or pancake racing you might see in other villages. Its history is dark, and the shadows cast by it are long. And it all started back in the time of witch trials and Puritans…

On the surface, Saxonhurst is like every other sleepy English village in the Vale of Parham.

But what explanations are there for its unfailingly bountiful harvests, its amazingly successful cricket team, its bizarre and bacchanalian May Day rituals?

New vicar Adam Flint is bent on finding out why Saxonhurst has the nickname 'most godless village in England'. With the help and hindrance of village siren Evie and the strange and remote Lady of the Manor, Julia, he uncovers closets full of skeletons. And not just skeletons - flesh and blood bodies rich in temptations as well...

Will the secrets of Saxonhurst be Adam's ruin?

If you want to find out the secrets of Saxonhurst, it's available in paperback and ebook formats now:   WATERSTONES     BARNES AND NOBLE

Thank you for having me!

And thank YOU for being here Justine!  The book sounds amazingly hot with lots of intriguing twists and turns, so all you erotica fans have a new book to put on your wish list.


  1. So lovely to be here, joder - thanks very much for having me :).

    1. Thank YOU for being here! I love the sound of this new release and have it on my wish list. Anytime you want to visit in the future I'd be more than happy to have you back.