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Book Tour for Rock Rebel by Tara Leigh (Review & GIVEAWAY)

Readers will find a romance worth rooting for between two people burned by their pasts, along with a timely and empowering storyline for the heroine, in this sexy and sweet rock star romance.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Rock Rebel by Tara Leigh, along with my impressions of this enticing read, then add it to your bookshelf.  In honor of this third installment in the Nothing But Trouble series make sure to fill out the form below for the chance to win signed print copies of all three books in this series too!

He's a rock star with a secret, she's a pop princess with a painful past - can their forbidden romance survive, or will their lies destroy them both?
I've earned my bad reputation.
A few years ago, I was New York City's hottest classical music prodigy. But I wanted something else, something moreSo I chased my real dream, and now... I'm rock royalty. Dax Hughes, lead guitarist of Nothing but Trouble. But to my family and former Juilliard classmates, I'm an outcast. A misfit. A rebel.
They're not entirely wrong. I don't give a damn what other people think, and I'm all for breaking the rules... except when it comes to our new opening act, Verity Moore.
Rock gods don't tour with pop princesses.
It's not personal. Actually, under that fallen diva reputation, Verity's incredibly talented. And her fiery redheaded personality is... intriguing. But I'm convinced the skeletons in Verity's closet are as scandalous as my own, and when we're not sparring, she has a way of drawing out all those secrets I'm determined to keep hidden.
Yeah. Verity Moore is definitely off-limits...
But since when do I give a damn about the rules?




The Nothing But Trouble series continues to entertain in this emotionally engaging romance full of heart and soul.  With a main couple whose pasts have left them doubtful of HEA, readers will find themselves drawn to their journey and all their ups and downs along the way.  Throughout their journey not only is their love put to the test but so too is the heroine’s view of herself after a particularly unsettling past that adds a timely discussion to this already unforgettable read.

Dax Hughes is a music prodigy who once played classical music with his family, until life and teenage love, took him to LA and to becoming the new guitarist for an up and coming band.  He turned his back on his past to make a new future for himself and for the three bandmates that quickly became like family during their rise to fame.  Heartbreak over, and betrayal by a lost love, had him hiding his heart behind a wall all these years.  It had him refusing to mix business with pleasure, until a disgraced pop princess brings his heart back to life.  Dax’s talent is quite clear and it’s a love for music that first binds him and the former teen star together.  It’s also what had him leaving his family behind as he longed for something different in his life, something all his own.  He’s made a satisfying life for himself, but it is a lonely one as his bandmates start finding their own HEAs.  Though he at first fights his attraction to Verity he quickly realizes the connection they have in a romance that’s put to the test when her past and his collide.  Dax is a steady and controlled presence within the band.  He seems steady and sure most of the time, but it belies a man still looking for the one thing to complete him, love and acceptance for who he is.  Meeting Verity brings out a protective side to him as well as a need to give her the validation he wants for himself too in a crackling and combustible coupling.  Dax is a delicious hero, quick to admit when he’s wrong, and a man who says and does what you want all your book boyfriends to do.

Verity Moore grew up far too soon courtesy of a fame-obsessed mother who pushed her child into the spotlight.  Put into positions that no young woman should be put into, Verity was left bruised by a career that took her to stardom only to let her fall.  Years of anger and rebellion only made things worse, made her feel even more unworthy, before she finally takes control of her life.  That control means hiring the man who manages Nothing But Trouble, a decision that changes her life irrevocably and sets her on a path to emotional healing and HEA.  It’s not an easy path though as her bad decisions regarding men in the past have her worried that Dax is yet another man ready to hurt her.  With her self-esteem at an all-time low she’s also leery of compliments and those who appear to be friends the more entwined her career becomes with Dax’s band.  Though she wants Dax, she worries for her heart after all the betrayals dealt her way.  It’s quite obvious though that they’re meant to be together as they each give the other exactly what they’re missing.  In the immortal words of Jerry Maguire...they complete each other.  Verity’s a likable heroine, a tell it like it is woman who’s trying to make the most of her second chance.  She’s desperate to move on from her mistakes, while owning up to them too.  Her relationship with her mother is painful to witness and Ms. Leigh doesn’t sugarcoat the dysfunction.  Verity’s teen years were heartbreaking ones, ones that broke her spirit and her trust, and the revelations surrounding her past fame were handled in a delicate yet straight-forward way that brings the #metoo movement to this story in an empowering journey that Verity bravely puts herself through.  Once her story comes fully to light, readers will be left cheering for this strong-willed heroine who finally gets the HEA she wholeheartedly deserves.

I was captivated by this story from the first page to the last, drawn to its compelling main couple and powerful romance.  While the time line of this this story overlaps with the previous installment a bit, this story still stands strongly on its own and that’s courtesy of a heroine finally ready to fight for herself.  For too long Verity let others control her, but no longer.  Claiming Dax is just the beginning of her empowered choices, leading up to a bold revelation that had me cheering for the perfectly depicted modern storyline.  Throughout these emotionally intense moments was also a sweet and sexy romance that made me smile.  Verity and Dax were utterly delightful together, with their playful banter and scorching encounters, and I was drawn further into their lives with each turn of the page.  The issues surrounding Verity’s past returned in a very unexpected way, but it was a way that made for an even more powerful storyline that pulled in the other characters too.  I enjoyed the glimpses we got of the other members of Nothing But Trouble and the updates to their stories.  While most of the boys are finding their HEAs, Jett’s still playing the field and showing a playful side that has me longing for him to finally find the woman to bring him to his knees.  Manager Travis also deserves to find love as his comments about the boy’s HEAs made my heart flutter.  This is another winner from Ms. Leigh, another satisfying installment in a rock star series that just keeps getting better and better.

My rating for this is an A.

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Tara Leigh is a multi-published author of steamy contemporary romance. A former banker on Wall Street, she graduated from Washington University and holds an MBA from Columbia Business School, but she much prefers spending her days with fictional boyfriends than analyzing financial spreadsheets. Tara currently lives in Fairfield County, Connecticut with her husband, children, and fur-baby, Pixie. She is represented by Jessica Alvarez, of Bookends Literary Agency.


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