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Book Blitz for Taming Tori by Amelia Smarts (REVIEW)

A broken cowboy finds himself attracted to a strong-willed woman who's intrigued by what he's offering in this tug of war romance with a bit of bdsm to keep readers with a permanent blush on their cheeks. Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Taming Tori by Amelia Smarts, along with my impressions of it, then add this sizzling western romance to your bookshelf!

He's prepared to tame her using painful and humiliating discipline.
Fearless, tough-as-nails cowboy Frank Bassett gets thrown from a bucking bronco and injures his leg, leaving him with a severe limp. Not to be defeated, he moves to a new town with plans for a slower-paced life. There he meets a woman more defiant and standoffish than the wildest mustang, and he reckons he's got one more filly to tame before tossing his Stetson aside.
Local beauty Victoria Davis longs for a worthy gentleman to court her. Instead, a crippled cowboy limps into her shop and scolds her for being rude. Though outraged, she's also intrigued by the submissive feelings he inspires in her.
Victoria learns that Frank is as kind and generous as he is tough, and love blooms. But when a stroke of misfortune once again befalls the cowboy, their feelings for each other are tested. Was Frank's quest to tame Tori a foolish venture, or will it pave a path to healing for them both?


“The time is right, Frank,” she whispered. “I want to make love to you."
“Your wish is my command, princess.” Her robe hung loosely around her body, requiring only a tug to render her naked. A full moon streamed light into the room and allowed him full view of her womanly features, from the exquisite slope of her shoulders and the fullness of her breasts to the soft flesh of her belly and tuft of hair between her legs. Her lips looked full and swollen from his kiss.
He shifted and unbuttoned his trousers. She looked down at his hardening member with eyes that conveyed both trepidation and hunger. To his surprise, she wrapped her fingers around his cock in an exquisitely shy, gentle touch that turned it to granite.
Licking her lips, she said, “It feels hard and soft at the same time, like a pole wrapped in velvet."
He groaned as blood surged to his manhood. “That’s the first time my cock’s been compared to fabric."
She smiled cheekily. “I’m a seamstress. It’s what I know."
He grinned back and returned the touch, fingering between the split of her sex, coating his fingers in her honey. “I’ll tell you what I know. You’re a very bad girl, sopping wet from your spanking."
“Oh, Frank."
“Oh, Frank, what?” he growled. “Oh, Frank, fuck me hard like the naughty princess I am?” He fondled her little bud of nerves with his thumb and drove two fingers into her slick vagina.
“Yes!” she cried, her head falling back as he stroked her.



Fans of historical romances will find themselves captivated by this sizzling story of starting over as two unlikely people find a connection that changes them irrevocably.  Along the way heartwarming moments of personal growth are balanced with erotic scenes that will bring about a blush or two.  By the end readers will be left cheering courtesy of a satisfying HEA as well as hints to another romance I'd love to see come to fruition.

Frank Bassett was the stereotypical man's man, living life to the fullest while rushing headfirst into every situation, before a horse riding accident left him temporarily paralyzed and with a permanent limp.  To survive, he's now a teacher in a small town, trying not to let his infirmities define him while spending time with a spoiled seamstress who he's teaching new things to every day.  When another accident befalls him though it throws him into a depression, leaving him feeling unworthy while those around him push him to be the man he showed them before this latest injury.  Frank's a likable hero, strong with a wry sense of humor.  He's got a kind heart and tells it like it is.  He doesn't suffer fools easily and goes after what (and who) he wants wholeheartedly.  I enjoyed his calling out of Victoria's flaws as she often needed to be put in her place early on in the story.  He showed a sweet soul to the world while showing himself to be quite the dirty talker around Victoria, teeming with eroticism when in his scenes with her too. His emotional change late in the story frustrated me though as it seemed to come out of nowhere.  All along he was self-assured in who he was and what he was capable of, but his suddenly feeling unworthy felt manipulative and I'm glad it was dealt with quickly to allow me to enjoy the formation of this new family.

Victoria Davis is the town's seamstress, a self-assured young woman who borders on arrogant at times.  She sees herself as a woman of quality, someone worthy of only a few special men.  She's jealous of the other women in town for finding their HEAs and lets readers know just how angry she is through her less than charitable inner thoughts.  Her first impressions of Frank has her seeing him as low class, but his response leaves her in a tailspin that has her rethinking who she is and how others see her.  With each hard truth he shares with her, with each erotic reprimand he gives her behind closed doors, the closer they get to each other.  She's soon sharing her own hard truths, truths about her fears and desires, and finally becomes a heroine I can admire after disappointing me through over half the book.  The introduction of the young orphan boy Bobby also brings out a soft side to her that I found heartwarming and showed them on the cusp of becoming a family that put a smile on my face.

On a whole this was a quick read, one that had the usual stamps of a historical romance, but with the inclusion of some light bdsm it had a bit of modernity to it that amped up the heat.  There was decadently delightful banter between Frank and Victoria that felt like a game of tug of war at times, banter that kept me glued to the pages and enjoying Victoria's transformation at the hands of Frank.  Small town life was vividly depicted too with its uptight attitudes, lack of mates, and colorful denizens that rounded out the cast and helped immerse me into the lives of this couple.  Fans of western romances will find much to like about this book, and despite a quibble or two, I recommend it to all those looking for a steamy read full of heart and soul.

My rating for this is a B.

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Amelia Smarts is a USA Today bestselling author of fast-paced, steamy western romances with dominant cowboys, Dom/sub discipline, and heartwarming HEAs. Amelia holds graduate and undergraduate degrees in creative writing and English. She loves to read, which allows her writing to be influenced by many different genres in addition to romance, including mystery, adventure, history, and suspense. Want to discuss books? Drop her a line at

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