Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Book Teaser Reveal for Leo by Jay McLean...

Two neighbors start out as friends with each new year bringing them closer together in a romance full of angst and heartwarming moments on a rocky road to HEA.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Leo by Jay McLean, then start counting down the days until this third installment in The Preston Brothers series hits shelves on August 11th!

One single summer changed them forever, and one moment of devastating silence destroyed it all.
Growing up with six siblings, Leo Preston has always struggled to find his voice.
While his brothers are loud, greedy, and somewhat obnoxious, Leo is forever the quiet one.
The thinker.
The listener.
He watches his life pass by as an outsider in his own world, absent and alone.
Until he finds her.
For Leo, Mia Kovács is like a prize, a gift wrapped in passion and devotion.
And she’s his—his very own secret he doesn’t have to share.
Together, they can overcome anything...
heartache and destruction, guilt and regret.
Mia gives Leo everything he didn’t know he needed,
including her fragile heart.
The only thing she doesn’t give him...
are secrets of her own.



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