Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Coffee-Mate Party..........

I'd meant to post this sooner this week, but the warmer temperatures inspired me to be out and about.  So without further delay, here's some visual memories from the Classic Game Night sponsored by Coffee-Mate.
I'm a coffee fanatic and love using different creamers depending on my mood for the day.  Coffee-Mate has so many different flavors that there's something for everyone.  My party package included everything you need to host a lively party.  They sent cups, napkins, numerous coupons to buy a plethora of tasty flavored creamers, packets of instant coffee, packets of plain creamer, the game Cranium, and a professional poker players kit.  See, I told you they sent me some awesome stuff!  I loved all the creamers I bought, particularly the Caramel Macchiato and Honey Vanilla.  They're not too sweet and greatly enhance the flavor of coffee.  Everyone loved the variety of creamers and were happy with the free coupons they received to take home so they could purchase more flavors that I wasn't able to get.  The game night was a hit and it was fun chatting, drinking coffee, and playing games.  Even though I was a big loser at the poker table, it was still an awesome night and I thank Coffee-Mate for their generosity and for creating a great product I can't live without!

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