Saturday, February 26, 2011

Review for Out of Bounds (Love of Sports, #1) by TA Chase

Kasey Johnson is a star basketball player with a twin brother who's a popular openly gay actor.  Kasey wishes he too could come out but knows that in the world of sports his teammates will abhor his lifestyle and endorsements will dry up.  So for now he's keeping quiet.  But his plans might have to change the night he goes to a popular gay bar with his brother and gives in to the long simmering attraction he's had for the bar's owner.  Ingram Fletcher is out about his sexuality and wants to stay that way.  He's broken up with men before for hiding who they are, but he's willing to make an exception for Kasey.  As the two start a hot and heavy relationship, things get more complicated for Kasey as a fellow player comes out to him and another rival player stirs up questions in the media about his sexuality.  Will he finally join his new love out in the open or will he bow to society's pressure and stay in hiding?

This was a fast paced read with likable characters who had believable issues.  I could understand Kasey's fears and felt bad for him and other players worried about their financial future for telling the truth about themselves.  The romantic interludes between him and Ingram were steamy and very frequent. The interludes almost took over the story though and I would have preferred seeing them interact more in the outside world.  I would have preferred seeing their relationship based on more than just sex.  I enjoyed Ingram as well.  He was comfortable with himself and had no qualms about coming out.  I like that he was protective of his workers when they were manhandled at work and the subtle social messages that came out in his dialogue.

The ending of this story was very abrupt and I really wanted to see the ramifications of Kasey's decision.  I know it's the first book in a series so I'm eager to pick up the next installment to see where life goes for Kasey.  My excitement also has to do with two supporting characters that I found enjoyable in this story.  Kasey's brother Garett has had an on/off-again relationship with a man who was only with him to gain fame for himself.  Now that he's single I truly hope he finds someone to appreciate his love of life and the open way he lives his life.  Kasey's teammate Paul also intrigues me.  He's had a girlfriend but realizes he's been living a lie.  I look forward to what decisions he makes regarding how he wants to live his life and am hoping perhaps he and Garett might have a future together.  All-in-all I enjoyed reading this and will look for the next book to see loose ends tied up.

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My rating for this is a B.

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