Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bewitching Book Tours......Darklands: A Vampire's Tale by Donna Burgess (Interview WITH a Giveaway-CLOSED)

I'm proud to be a member of Bewitching Book Tours and a stop on Donna Burgess' tour promoting her new book.  Yesterday I had the pleasure of reviewing Donna's new book, and today Donna took a few minutes out of her busy schedule to answer questions about writing and other interesting topics.  So sit back and get to know a bit more about Donna and please leave some comments below welcoming Donna to my humble home.

Not only are welcoming comments greatly appreciated, but they'll also be used for a contest.  That's right, a contest!  You too might be lucky enough to win a copy of Darklands: A Vampire's Tale.  One winner will be chosen from all comments below using to win a copy of the book--either print or digital (winner's choice--but print copies are US only).  The contest is open worldwide with comments closing at midnight tonight (that's 12 am central time where I'm located).  I'll announce the winner tomorrow here at my blog and email the winner who will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.  So please leave your email addy with your comment.

And now to what we've all been waiting for.  First up is a snippet of Donna's new release followed by the Q&A portion of the day....

Book Description:
Halloween night, twenty years ago, college student Susan Archer watched as her beloved twin brother was brutally murdered at the hands of a stranger she invited into their home. Still haunted by the guilt of that night, Susan is now a tough but bitter cop in a nowhere town, trying as best she can to lead a normal life. When she is nearly killed during a wild shoot-out, she realizes she is not as strong as she first thought.

Fearing a breakdown, she flees the confines of her safe boyfriend and familiar surroundings to find salvation in the arms of “Deathwalker” Devin McCree—the very man who killed her brother.

But things aren’t always what they seem and she quickly realizes Devin was not the monster she originally thought, but a kind of guardian angel instead.

On the run from a crazed Nazi vampire-hunter named Kasper, she and Devin must find a way to endure the dreary urban landscape of a dying metropolis and escape Kasper’s wrath. 

“Darklands: A Vampire’s Tale” is a sexy and violent tale of survival, bloodlust and two people grasping to the edge of immortality while trying to hang on the last shreds of their humanity.

“Darklands: A Vampire’s Tale” is the first volume in the Darklands Vampire series.

And now on to the interview portion of our pageant.  LOL!  But I really do want to thank Donna for answering these questions and becoming the first author to visit my site.  Without further ado, hhhheeeerrrrreeeee'sss DONNA........

TSP:  At what point in your life did you decide being a writer is what you wanted to be when you grew up?

DB:  I actually wrote my first story in second grade, so I’ve been coming up with little stories since then.  Hopefully, I’ve improved some since then ;-D

TSP:  Are there any genres that you haven't written in that you'd like to try your hand at?
DB:  I’d love to write a Steampunk tale.  I’ve started putting together some notes on a neat little Steampunk/werewolf story, so I’m going to see where it goes.  I’d also love to write a science fiction novel.  Something along the lines of William Gibson or Philip K. Dick.  Unfortunately, I am somewhat technologically challenged.

TSP:  When you close your eyes, how do you picture your perfect hero looking like?

DB:  Tall, blond, Scandinavian!

TSP:  When you finish writing a book and turn it in, do you do anything special to celebrate its completion?

DB:  I get roaring drunk!  Not really.  But I do try to clear that story from my mind and focus on something new to work on.  Plus, there is the marketing aspect of the finished book.  I’ve quickly learned that is when the real work begins.

TSP:  Since my blog is all about favorite things, what are some of your favorite things?

DB:  Spending time with my family. Surfing. And of course, tall, blond, Scandinavians.  
Thanks again to Donna for visiting and Roxanne Rhoads of Bewitching Book Tours for making all this happen!  So what are you waiting for?!  Go forth and comment and you too might be lucky enough to win a copy of a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat.  Also, please continue to follow Donna as she visits more wonderful blogs throughout the rest of the month!

Author Bio:

Donna Burgess is an author of dark fiction and poetry who enjoys surfing, painting and has a deep affection for all things Monty Python and low-budget horror flicks.  Over the past fifteen years, her fiction and poetry has appeared in genre publications such as Weird Tales, Dark Wisdom, Sybil’s Garage and others.  She has been married for twenty years and has two children.  Her newest releases include Darklands: a vampire’s tale (the first book in the Darklands Vampires series) and Breaths in Winter, a short story collection.  Both are available in print and e-book. When she is not conjuring, she can be found surfing.


  1. Hi Donna

    Just thought I'd stop and say hi during this crazy snow day. Michigan got hit hard over night and its still snowing.

    I'll drop by later to see how the tour is going.

  2. Great interview and I would love to win :).

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  3. Great interview! I am a huge paranormal/vampire fan! I have book shelves dedicated to various vamp authors and I can see by your series, I want yours to be among them!! I have made a lot of great friends on the computer working with various authors, reading and giving reviews of their work, and it has led me to new work such as yours. Great to meet you!

  4. OK either everyone is totally enjoying their snow day or a lot of people are without internet cause it's dead in cyberspace today. Anyone else notice that?

  5. I would just like to thank you. My escape since a teenager has been books. Authors such as yourself give the reading world that escape. And you do it awesomely... Sincerely, Sandra

  6. I'm not sure what happened to my earlier comment, but I just wanted to thank joder for being so kind & having me on her wonderful site (and giving my novel such a flattering review).

    Thanks to everyone for commenting, also!


  7. Wow wonderful for you do this! Thank you so much, looks so interesting I would love a book copy.


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