Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Review for Saying Yes by Barbara Elsborg

This is a fun and flirty story that I got as a free read from Amazon.  It's short and sweet and a pleasant way to spend the afternoon.

Zadie's always been a cautious girl, more inclined to say no than yes.  After a series of events where she's lost her man, her job, and her home, Zadie decides it's time for a change.  She's now going to be a Yes girl.  Her first use of the word yes lands her the use of the apartment of her best friend's boyfriend while he's out of town.  As she sets out to relax and plan her future she gets an unexpected guest.  Tristan's also hit rock bottom.  His fiancee turned down his proposal, humiliating him in the process.  He goes to his brother's apartment to hide out where unbeknownst to him Zadie is staying.  There's an immediate spark and together they find a lot more uses for the word yes.

This was a fast read that still took the time to develop the characters.  Their immediate attraction was believable and the romantic interludes were hot.  Tristan and Zadie are likable individuals who were down on their luck, but together they made each other laugh.  They both felt that there was something missing in their lives and by being together they felt whole.  Being together makes them feel like they can achieve anything.  It's definitely true love they found.

Barbara Elsborg is an author that I've read before and enjoyed.  Her stories are full of emotion and have characters you can easily relate to.  This short story is just as enjoyable as her longer books and I encourage you to check out more from her.

My rating for this is a B+

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