Sunday, February 6, 2011

Review for An Unexpected Evening by Roxanne Rhoads

In preparation for tomorrow's visit with talented author Roxanne Rhoads, I was sent a copy of her new book to review.  I'm happy to report that this book is a winner that all of you should add to your reading list.  Below are more in-depth comments about how I felt about the book.

This is a very quick yet intense read about letting go and embracing who you are.  For vampire Samuel, letting go is not something he wants to do.  After being forced to hurt others by his sire, he's now on his own and never wants to hurt anyone again.  Keeping control of himself is difficult though when falling in love with sexy witch Katerina.  Katerina believes in his gentleness and just wants him to let loose and one night's gentle lovemaking soon leads to fireworks and Samuel showing her what a vampire's really capable of.  This one explosive night affects both of them greatly, with Katerina discovering new witching powers and Samuel becoming more concerned that unsolved murders in the community might involve him.  

This story has two very likable characters that meld beautifully together.  Katerina is a strong woman even though she has yet to reach her witching potential.  This late bloomer stands by her man and is the rock Samuel needs to stay on his path to being a true vampire without hurting others because of her intense faith in him.  Samuel is a sexy vampire with sweet flashes of gentleness.  His fear of hurting others is reasonable considering his painful history and I found myself hurting with him.  When he finally lets loose I found myself cheering.  The sex in this story is smoking hot and very imaginative.  There was just enough in the story to show the intense love between the two of them without taking over the entire story.

This story is like a delicious appetizer!  It gave me just enough to satisfy my hunger, but has me waiting breathlessly for the main course.  As this story hints at, there's a killer on the loose and because of his bouts of memory loss Samuel worries he might be involved.  Not only that, but during lovemaking Katerina starts exhibiting new powers.  I'm intrigued how these issues will affect our couple in the future and am excited to see how the mystery plays out and what affect it will have on Samuel in particular.

This is the perfect read for a cold winter's night sure to warm you up.  Great characters and an easy to follow storyline make for an evening of fun.  My only hope is that we see more of these characters in a longer format in the future to get answers to questions just hinted at.

My rating for this is an A!

*I received this book from the author via Bewitching Book Tours for review and as part of her book tour.


  1. Wow- what a fabulous review! Thanks Jody. I'm going to spread the word about this fang-tastic review.

  2. It was a great little book, Roxanne! I hope everyone comes back tomorrow for my in-depth interview with you too.

  3. wow... thanks for the review, love the cover and might want to check this out oneday.

    btw, thanks for stopping by my blog and im your newest follower!