Monday, February 7, 2011

Bewitching Book Tours....An Unexpected Evening by Roxanne Rhoads (Interview w/ a Giveaway-Closed)

As a member of Bewitching Book tours I'm proud to host a tour stop for Roxanne as she introduces us to her sexy new book.  If you read my review yesterday you'll know how much I enjoyed it and I'm excited for all of us to learn more about the woman behind the book with my interview today.  So please get comfortable and enjoy a few moments with Roxanne Rhoads.

Samuel is a centuries-old vampire who prefers to be a recluse. He is always afraid of losing control and becoming the monster he once was. Falling in love with a young witch has pushed his boundaries and pulled him out of his comfort zone.
Katerina always encourages Samuel to be more open, to let loose, and to really "live" instead of only existing in the shadows.
One night, he finally grants her wish . . . in ways she never imagined.

You can read an excerpt HERE.

I now present to you my Q and A with Roxanne in which we learn more about her on a personal level and how that influences her writing.  So please put your hands together for Roxanne Rhoads!!!!!...........

TSP:  At what point in your life did you decide being a writer is what you wanted to be when you grew up?

RR:  I think I was born with a pen in my hand. Seriously. My mother instilled the love of books and words in me from the very beginning. She would read bedtime stories to me every night and by the time I was four I was reading some stories to her.
Becoming a writer was natural for me. Even before I could write real words I folded paper and scribbled "words" on them and told my mom I wrote her a book. I can't remember a time when I didn't want to be a writer.
I became published in a local magazine when I was 11. Two poems that I had written at a summer writing program at the local college were chosen to appear in the fall issue. After that I was hooked on being published. It was wild to see my name in print.
Throughout high school and college I wrote for the school papers and several local magazines and newspapers. My poetry was published in a couple small but national magazines.
For awhile I dabbled with other things- sales, secretarial stuff, and small business owner to name a few jobs but in my heart I was always a writer.
In 2005 I started writing fiction and decided to pursue my writing full time- well as full time as I could being a stay at home mom to then two kids (soon to be three as I found out in September of 2005 I was pregnant with my third child who is now 4 1/2).

TSP:  You've written paranormal stories, erotica, and stories with many
other themes.  Which is your favorite, and why?

RR:  Paranormal. I just love all things slightly creepy, spooky and different. I grew up reading anything and everything ghostly, witchy, then vampy that I could and it was natural for me to write what I loved.

TSP:  When you close your eyes, how do you picture your perfect hero looking like?

RR:  Tall and muscular, lean muscle not body builder muscle, dark wavy hair, blue or green eyes.  He's gorgeous but in a very masculine way slightly rough around the edges but he cleans up well.

TSP:  When you finish writing a book and turn it in, do you do anything
special to celebrate its completion?

RR:  I do a little snoopy happy dance. :-) Sometimes the family goes out to dinner to celebrate. Usually more upon publication than completion.

TSP:  Since my blog is all about favorite things, what are some of your
favorite things?

RR:  Books are obviously one of my favorite things- I have them everywhere. I also love animals- cats, wolves, turtles and owls. Strange combo but those are my totem animals.
I also love corsets and old fashioned dress forms and any vintage goodies that happen to catch my eye. I don't shop for value but for uniqueness- if it catches my eye and I like it that's all that matters to me. In the summers my husband and I make special trips to flea markets, antique stores and any garage or yard sale that we come across just to see what we can find. He likes antique fishing and fire truck stuff while I like items that are a little more girly.
Thanks so much for joining me today, Roxanne!  Your book is an intensely fun read that I hope lots of readers add to their reading lists.

And now for the giveaway.....Roxanne has been kind enough to offer one lucky reader a free pdf of her newest release An Unexpected Evening and an author swag pack which includes magnets, bookmarks, stickers, postcards, a button and more from her and other authors too.  This is open to US RESIDENTS ONLY and will end at midnight February 11th.  To enter, leave a meaningful comment for Roxanne and please include your email in your comment so I can contact you if you win.  Winners will then have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.  I will also give a bonus entry for spreading the word about Roxanne's visit/giveaway either on twitter or Facebook.  Just leave a separate comment with proof that you did so for your bonus entry to be counted.


  1. Thanks for having me as a guest Jody and thanks to any readers who drop by- I'll be back later to check in.

  2. Wow this looks really good. Definitely going to be putting this one on my wishlist.

  3. I can relate to loving all things spooky and creepy, especially vampires.

  4. Roxanne,

    An Unexpected Evening's cover is absolutely beautiful. Do you work with one particular artist on your book covers?

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  5. For Nobel yes, Fiona Jayde- she's done the covers for all 3 of Noble Romance releases

  6. Jody you'll be happy to know today I was working on a follow up story featuring Katerina and Samuel. It's only 3500 words in but I have a good plan for it- hopefully it will end up being at least novella length.

  7. I saw your posting on twitter about that and squealed like a schoolgirl when I saw it. So hurry, hurry....write faster!

  8. This sounds like a very good book and I love the cover it's very nice.

  9. I'll try LOL- I'm really into the new story with Katerina and Samuel but I'm also trying to finish putting together my short story collection that I am self publishing in print- it's a colelction of some of my previously published ebooks and some new shorts too.

    I am also polishing my novel into perfection (I Hope) it's my first full length novel and I want it to be great before I send it to an agent.

    So my hands are pretty full. But The Katerina and Samuel story is close to the top of my list.

  10. Samuel let your hair done !!! Katerina sounds just like me !!! lol.. Love the cover and will be adding this to my tbr pile ;) great interview !! and goodluck with self publishing !!! A witch and a vampire now this sounds interesting !!! .
    kat ;)