Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fashion Monday Madness

After a week's hiatus due to my special author guest, I'm back this week with lots of interesting outfits to critique courtesy of the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards!  So lets get started, shall we...........

The Good......
Who knew that Kelly Osbourne could look so good?  Obviously Joan Rivers and her fashion police are having a positive affect on her.  This dress is fun and flirty and her hair and make-up compliment it perfectly.  Kudos!

Nicole Kidman's dress has intriguing colors that are subtle yet stand out.  This dress fits her flawlessly and I like the sleek look of her hair.  Heavens knows she looks lots better in this than her Golden Globe outfit.

Another pregnant woman that knows how to get glam.  Jewel's dress has a great fit, sweet color, and she's not at all overdone.  Tasteful and stylish.

The Bad.............
Leann Rimes looks gaudy and overdone in this ill-fitting dress and hair that's in the tightest bun I've ever seen (poor man's face lift I call it).  The dress looks to be made out of leftover fish scales and considering its droopy look it probably did get wet somewhere along the way.

Eva Longoria looks like she's being swallowed up in this dress where it looks like she's wrapped up for Christmas.  It's just too much for such a small woman.

The Ugly......
Everytime a bell rings an angel gets it wings......Is that true Katy Perry?  It must be since she looks like a Christmas Tree topper in this winged ensemble that seems more appropriate for a Victoria Secrets fashion show.

Hayley Williams of Paramore has now taken up figure skating in this costumey number and fuzzy dice-like skirt.  The bright hair and orange eyebrows complete this crayon box gone wrong.

Christmas ornaments seem to be the theme of the night's show as proven by Rihanna's almost see-through dress.  Thank goodness the drapes are shut just enough or there'd be another wardrobe malfunction for CBS.  TMI Rihanna, that's all I can say.

Did any of you really doubt this wasn't going to make my list?  Nicki Minaj looks like a cross between a dirty Q-Tip and an animal's gone wild segment.  I know that Grammy clothes are supposed to be extravagant, but there comes a point when you have to say enough is enough.  And this outfit went too far.

So what do you think?  Did I make some good choices?  Sound off below with what you thought about the Grammy's.


  1. Nicki Minaj looks like her or her hair stylist was channeling Glenn Close from 101 Dalmations and then was swallowing by a cat monster on the way....Poor cat monster.

  2. Oooooh, I like that! I can totally see the 101 Dalmations vibe she's got going.

  3. Nicole K. looks good, which is pretty amazing considering mermaid cut dresses are some of the most awful dresses ever! They really take a special body type (which I don't have from all...the horrible non-pictures that happened on my recently wedding dress shopping excursions prove that).