Monday, April 18, 2011

Fashion Monday Madness....

Hello fashionistas!  We're getting the week off to a rip roaring start by spending the day talking celebrities and their clothes.  We've got some fine, and some not so fine, ensembles to talk about.  So pull up a chair and let's dish as we look at....

The Good....

Dita Von Teese looks timeless in this 60's inspired outfit with the oversized sunglasses.  The shoes and purse give a hint of modernity.  Dita looks cool and stylish and would have no problem walking on to a role on Mad Men and fitting right in.  Kudos on the cool factor!

Emma Roberts looks fun and flirty and ready for summer in this sparkling mini-dress.  The color looks wonderful with her skin tone and those shoes are to die for.  The hair's a bit too severe, but I can forgive the small error when everything else is right on.

The Bad....

Kim Kardashian is doing the Time Warp in this ill-fighting and 80's leftover that is baggy and and bland.  The shoes too are old-fashioned and add to the wrongness of this outfit.  I actually think I recall Rick Springfield wearing something likes this at the first concert I ever attended back in the early 80's, but he looked way better.

Heidi Klum has also gone with an unfortunately bad jumpsuit.  From the baby poop coloring to the poorly hemmed pant legs Heidi looks anything but model-like.  Add in the Shakespearean collar and perhaps the designers on the next season of Project Runway could make her something better....anything would be better. 

The Ugly....

Singer Kelis looks as if a Crayola box exploded on her or her stylist is ten years old.  This ensemble manages to look both dated and infantile at the same time.  And can someone please explain what those pink things are on her ankles?  They look like Beanie Babies to me.

Bai Ling always comes dressed for attention....too bad that attention is always bad.  The style of this dress is way over-the-top and the flying saucers--or records--on her hips are definitely making a fashion statement.  And that statement is....I need a new stylist.

So there you have it.  This is what the stars wore this last week.  What do you think of these ensembles?  Do you want these outfits in your wardrobe?  Sound off below and let's get the fun started.  Come back next week for another session of Fashion Monday Madness.


  1. WHat is that thing Bai Ling is wearing, it can't be a dress?! LOL!

    I'm a farily new follower to your blog but I have come to love Fashion Monday Madness!

    -Amanda P

  2. Oh Amanda, that's so sweet of you to say! I'm so glad my fashion post is enjoyable to you. I always worry that what I'm offering is not entertaining, so I'm thrilled that you look forward to this. I love talking fashion and it's always my favorite part of award shows which is why I started these posts.

    As to Bai, I've seen her at different events over the last few years and I truly don't think she owns one outfit that doesn't frighten me to look at. What's equally as scary as her wearing that dress, is that someone actually designed it. What were they thinking too?