Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Review for Lead Me On by Lauren Hawkeye

Linda doesn’t know why she agreed to attend an old friend’s wedding, or the after party where she encounters her old flame, Eric. She’s as attracted to him now as she was in college…and even more aroused when she meets his captivating friend Nate.

Unlikely as it seems, Linda can’t deny the two sexy men are interested in her—and that she wants them both, too. She’s determined to follow the night through with them, wherever it may lead…


From its intriguing premise of four stories revolving around a wedding reception to its likable characters and atmospheric writing, this series has been consistently enjoyable from book one.  Lead Me On is the third book in Lauren Hawkeye's Erotic Me series and amps up the steam even more by introducing a menage scenario that sets the pages on fire.

The heroine in this installment, Linda, is the kind of woman that's easy to relate to.  She thinks her looks are average and she dresses in an unassuming way but she's intelligent and the one that others rely on.  This one night is when she throws caution to the wind and takes a chance on a very unexpected opportunity.

That opportunity is in the form of Eric, a man Linda had a one night groping session with long ago.  They reconnect at a stripper bar where she's attending a wedding event and the sparks fly once more.  Once Eric introduces her to his friend, and former boyfriend Nate, the situation becomes even more combustible.  Both men are sexy, each with unique looks to give her variety.  Eric's boyishly preppy whereas Nate is Goth with tats and piercings.  They charm her and make her feel pretty and sexy which is something she doesn't experience very often.

The sexual intensity starts at the strip club where Linda emulates the actions of a stripper entertaining Nate and carries on to the alleyway and finally a hotel across the street.  The interlude is spicy with a nice blend of sexual positions to keep the action interesting.  The m/m action is easily entwined with the hetero loving and makes for one big heart racing scene.

The end of the story arrives before you know it and leaves things a bit open for the future.  I for one would love to revisit these characters and if that happens I'll be first in line to read the results.  This series continues to be one that sets my eReader on fire and will make all fans of erotica happy.  With the final installment being released next month, it's not too late to jump on the bandwagon and experience the steam for yourself.

My rating for this is an A-

*I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.

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