Monday, November 7, 2011

Fashion Monday Madness

It's that day of the week again where I bring you the best, worst, and everything in between of celebrity fashion.  So get comfy and let's talk fashion....

The Good....

Ashley Greene looks radiant in this rich blue cocktail dress.  The draping of the fabric hugs her silhouette beautifully and adds an interesting element.  The hair is classy and dramatic and adds to the elegant quality of the dress.  Perfect all around.

Naomi Watts literally sparkles in this simplistically designed gown with a bit of sexiness.  The gown is flashy and goes perfectly with her skin tone and hair color.  I would've liked to see a bit tighter fit but on a whole it's a winner.

The Bad....

Amber Heard is looking boring and bland in this dress fit for a mummy.  The color washes her out and the fabric looks to be made of wrinkly bed sheets.  The hairstyle is too severe and the lack of accessories makes this dress even less memorable.  If there was an award for boring she'd win hands down.

Sarah Jessica Parker goes into flashback mode in a dress more suited to the 90's.  The outfit manages to look both matronly and childish at the same time.  What propels this even further into bad is the overdone hairstyle that looks like a bird's nest.  The outrageous bouffant ages her dramatically and just looks plain silly.

The Ugly....

It's a two-for-one with Blake Lively and her Pepto-Bismol colored nightmare.  The dark pink raincoat dress is a wrinkly and ill-fitting mess with shoes that are intriguing on their own, but clash when combined with this poor choice of an outfit.  The other dress is definitely a recycled 80's bar hopping outfit.  It's outdated and the confetti colored shoes add to this outfit's retro cheesy look.  A double thumbs-down for Blake this week.

That's the list for this week.  Before you leave make sure to enter the giveaways and join me later this week for more guest authors with giveaways.  In the meantime, let me know what you think of this week's fashions by sounding off below! 

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