Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Review for Rachel Dahlrumple by Shea McMaster

Her husband's death is just the beginning of her marital woes.

Rachel's humiliation over the discovery of her late husband's affairs turns to fear when one of his mistresses sends her a poisoned bouquet. But finding the source of the killer flowers is only one step on her path to solving the mystery her husband left behind.

Deputy Dan Weston is with Rachel when the bouquet arrives, and he's at her side as she deals with so many of the secrets that come to light after her husband's death. Dan has carried a torch for Rachel since puberty and he's not going to let her dead husband's vindictive girlfriends or his psychotic mother come between them now. But that means finding out who is sending snakes and poisoned posies before one kills Rachel.


This is an intense story at times as a loyal wife discovers more and more unsavory truths about her recently deceased husband.  For Rachel Dahlrumple, being a good wife was the most important aspect of her being.  Even though her husband mentally abused her by making her feeling guilty for every imagined discretion, kept her on a tight financial leash, and denied her the children she wanted, it wasn't until his death that she discovers the kinky sex games and numerous children including one who lives down the street.  As these truths came out I felt more and more sorry for Rachel.  She was an outgoing woman before marrying Burt, but is now beaten down choosing to remain blind to her ex-husband's infidelities.  Burt dying finally sets her free....but also puts her life in jeopardy.

The suspense part of this story is exciting and keeps you guessing whodunit until the very end.  Someone's angry at Rachel and wants her dead.  The number of culprits is many with each being very plausible.  The methods used to harm Rachel are rather creative and geared towards her severe asthma.  The exact reasons behind these deeds isn't totally clear until the end with a nicely tied-up conclusion.

Deputy Dan Weston is just what Rachel needs after Burt.  Dan's caring and encouraging to Rachel and has liked her for a very long time.  After being quieted for so long, being with Dan brings out her outgoing side and makes her more independent.  Deputy Dan is sexy and the slow build to their sexual interlude makes it worth the wait.

This was an exciting story that felt a bit dragged out.  Things could've been wrapped up sooner and the story would've been just as satisfying.  With an emotional storyline and likable characters though, this is a story that lovers of suspense will enjoy and one I recommend. 

My rating for this is a B-

*This book was given to me by the author in exchange for my honest opinion.


  1. Nice review! This was by far my absolute favorite read this year! Molly(at)reviewsbymolly(dot)com